The Best Players In FIFA 23 According To Attributes

Unsurprisingly, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé are two of the best, if not the top two, FIFA players 23. With 91 overall points each, Paris Saint-Germain stars have shone in the World Cup with Argentina’s teams, in
Case of Messi, and France, in the case of Mbappé, but players have specific attributes that directly impact the best way to use them.
MGG azil has prepared a table with the attributes of Messi and Mbappé in FIFA 23 and at the end will ing a verdict about which one is the best player of the EA Sports football simulator.
In the table in question, we will not consider goalkeeper and pesticide attributes in general, since none of the players should be used in defensive functions in FIFA 23. We will also take into account only the standard card of each player, not special cards unlocked in the Ultimate


Messi and Mbappé attributes in FIFA 23

After all, who is better?

Messi or Mbappé?
In the 24 questions analyzed, Messi got the best in 13, while Mbappé was superior in 11. Even though attributes such as cart, divided into foot, creativity and interception had been added, Messi would maintain the advantage of 2 points and beat Mbappé by 15 a
13. Even in the goalkeeper’s attributes, the Argentine striker would beat France’s 10th shirt 4-1 and get the best on the total score by 19 to 14, but in our comparison we only take the attributes that most directly affect players’ performance more directly
than act as center-up, tips, second strikers or attackers.
Messi proves to be a slightly more complete player than Mbappé, showering the French in the attributes of pass, whether short or long distance, gaming vision and free kick, and is better in the details in questions such as dribbling and control of
ball and kick from outside the area.
Mbappé, on the other hand, today is slightly superior to Messi in the attributes of kicking and finishing strength and runs over the Argentine star in the questions that directly affect speed, such as pike and acceleration, and is stronger in air play, both in impulse
as in head.
In the end, Messi is a much better player much better in creating plays, which can be used even as an advanced sock to perform accurate and capable passes if any defense.
Mbappé, on the other hand, is a much better player to act as a tip or center forward, since his huge advantage over speed makes him more easily pass on defenders, including being physically stronger than the Argentine crackers in fighting

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