Disneys Dreamlight Valley: A Hacked Version Of The Game Is Now Available

Disney Dream light Valley was a collaborative game between Disney and CyberAgent, where you had to help Buzz Light year on his adventures in space. But the last update, which included new characters like Toy Story’s Buzz Light year and Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, was plagued with bugs. Personally, I’m not a fan of these kinds of games – they’re tedious and don’t have much replay value.

The last update for Disney Dream light Valley, with the Toy Story and Stitch discovered their way into the game, was just recently plagued by some teething issues.

Affected players Woody, Buzz or the adorable extraterrestrial stitch were not enabled to welcome them in their village due to some annoying bugs.
However, Game loft reveals a hotfix update for Disney Dream light Valley, which must take care of the problems.

Disney Dream light Valley: Well-known errors need to be fixed with Hotfix

It is not yet totally understood what the new upgrade for Disney Dream light Valley still has, however there is a list with already tangible fixes on the part of Game loft.


The designer published this about the video game’s internal Twitter account:

In-depth descriptions can then be discovered through the additional Trello link in the corresponding post:

There, bugs and possible issue options for the animal crossing option are caught by the developers, on the meantime.

Just a few weeks earlier, we had the ability to welcome the Lion Villain Scar to Disney Dream light Valley in the creepy October upgrade.

Last existing video: announcement trailer

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