Grand Fantasia MMORPG Relaunches Internationally – Gamigos Classic MMO Reinvigorated by Dasie!

For many years, Exploiting German Amigo has fueled its MMORPG catalog with titles from Basie, offered in the West in a localized version.
At the end of the last Dannie, Amigo nevertheless announced the closure of Western servers of most of its historic MMORPGs, accompanied by the transfer of their exploitation license to their respective developer.
In the lot, we found in particular Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal, whose European servers therefore closed, and whose licenses were taken up by the Taiwanese development studio X-Legend.
Quite logically, X-Legend therefore resumes its MMORPG and (re) launches its own international version of Grand Fantasia today, accessible from the new official website.
Does and already, the MMORPG is available in several languages, including French, and the studio promises animations at stake to help (new) players to take their first steps in the world of Rafael.
Players who had a Grand Fantasia game account at Amigo can also transfer it to X-Legend infrastructure.
And obviously, the studio will not stay there since Eden Eternal also reappears on a localized official site.

To read, he only sag its dune description, but we imagine that the servers of the MMORPG will also reopen their doors in the coming weeks.
For the record, Grand Fantasia immerses players in a round and colorful universe, and incorporates traditional mechanics that can wait for an older MMORPG of more ten banned: from the hunting for monsters and dungeons, but also fields of PVP battles (15
vs 15), artisanal or trade.


The game was nevertheless distinguished by its sprite system, small magic creatures that the player can collect to take advantage of their capacities.
Notice to the curious nostalgic, therefore.

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