How Microsofts Purchase of Activision Blizzard Will Impact Nintendo Switch Gaming – Explained

Yesterday there was a wave of news related to the next purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, since the arrival of some games of said company was promised without even confirming the transaction.
And in case a positive verdict is reached, people have already begun to wonder how these titles will work.
In a new interview with Microsoft president, Brad Smith, the issue of bringing all these franchises to Nintendo platforms as well as Xbox games as well as GeForce Now sites has been commented.
And right there the matter was asked how the games were going to run on the hybrid consoles, since it is somewhat outdated in potential.
This is what he commented:

I am not the right person to deepen the architecture of each platform, but we will make sure that our games work exactly as you would expect.
This response is a bit in the air, since it is not spoken if they are going to run in a native way with the console, that is, that you have programmed ports and download files.

There is also another option that companies such as Cap com know very well, that is doing experiences in the cloud, which discard regions such as LATAM.


For now, it is not clear if the purchase will be specified, since regulatory agencies are not fully agreeing, arguing that Call of Duty is not a franchise that must be monopolized.
This even when Microsoft clarifies that it will continue to reach more platforms.
Via: Games Enquirer
Editor’s note: It is obvious that experiences that demand a lot like Call of Duty are going to run in the cloud, let’s set an example to the current campaign that asks for a certain hardware power.
So, we’ll see if the next games can have an adaptation in the hybrid.

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