Why I cant download the Bitlife update

Bit life is one of the most famous texts of life.
Its popularity is mainly associated with its glamorous DLC, which allow its users to imitate any popular career elections, ranging from the movie star in Hollywood to a national politician.
Although it is interesting to play these LCS or packages, they never appear in the promised time due to the non-launch of the developer of Candy writer.
The developers are so irregular that not a single DLC was released on time, and each DLC is delayed for one to two months from the planned date.
Even after the official release, players do not receive an update, especially Android users, who usually receive an update two days after launch.
In addition, the update is never displayed in their Google Play, often resorting to reinstallation manually to get the latest version.


So, if you are interested in why you have not received the current DLC or Job Pack, such as the Stock Market update, we assure you that this has nothing to do with you, but is a repetition of the developer’s outputs.

How to get the last update in Bit life?

As mentioned earlier, the best and fastest way to get the last update is to reinstall the application, and not waste time notifying the update.
But, if you have not received an update even two to three days after the launch, we recommend contacting Bit life through their twitter pen to get a solution.

What are the future updates in Bit life?

There are almost four Special Careers Pack updates in Bit life.

In addition to confirmation, we have no dates for the next update.
Astronaut space update
Vampire update
The dealer update
Update the model
Along with these Pack updates, you can also from time to time expect many expansion packages, such as the last Stock Market update.
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