Paranormal Seeker: a brand-new horror game in virtual reality, playable in coop, first trailer

With Halloween, scary or freak video games have been increasing recently.
Between the skins dedicated for the pumpkin celebration and the advertisements that fall at risk, right here comes Paranormal Hunter, a survival Scary in virtual truth, developed by the Japanese workshop Ballgames.

Planned on Oculus Break, HTC Five, Shutoff Index, and Windows Mixed Reality, Paranormal Seeker is a video game that placed us in the shoes of these ghost hunters that will find themselves in abandoned places, night when we no more hear
an audio.
With a porch lamp and also some tools to measure the existence of specter, the player will need to take his nerve in both hands to endeavor right into these dark hallways where we can make unpleasant meetings.

Expected for 2023 in very early gain access to, paranormal seeker has this particularity of being usable in coop ‘, history that the adventure is less scary, or at the very least a lot more bearable…

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