Eintracht Frankfurt begins new project

Europa-League winner Eintracht Frankfurt and also the Japanese resort INTO have actually started a collaboration campaign.

In a typical video, 2014 world champ Mario Got and Japan’s football star Dakota Haseeb discuss football, the World Mug in Qatar and the Japanese culture. In terms of web content, it leads the 2 Contract gamers from the northernmost area of Hokkaido to the holy places from Kyoto to all the time cozy paradise in southerly Okinawa’s.

Contract will execute a Japan excursion from November 14th to 20

Haseeb raves regarding the diverse visitor opportunities in his residence nation: Japan is distinct as well as special. And also I am extremely happy when numerous Germans see my house nation.


On top of that, the German national group will play in the World Cup team video game versus Japan on November 23. The INTO expects the experiences to raise recognition of Japan as a motivating traveling destination.

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