Lol: Rekkles reveals the price and working hours that their tattoos have, an authentic madness

It is not still clear where will end Reckless next year. Everyone expects to leave Carmine Corp to join a LEC team, but the market has not yet taken off, no matter how much we know the departure of G2 Janos and that Flanked is on the list of transferable.

Meanwhile, the Swedish is busy being a relevant figure in networks. After participating in the last LEC finals as a guest of honor, he is currently broadcasting the Worlds of League of Legends, reacting to the big plays and the stories that happen.

And even if the encounters are really spectacular, the shooter takes the time to chat with his chat to talk about anything. In fact, he recently gave some details about his famous tattoos. The figures on the hours of work required and the price sure you are interested!

9000 euros is a lot, but it’s not a bad price

Reckless estimated that he spent 9,000 euros in his tattoos. He did not give more details, but we imagine that this is only his last wave, including his arms, legs, chest and back. As a reminder, the Swedish has been tattooed for a long time, but in the past it had a very different style. In particular, he had his name written.

It seems that he wanted an adjustment in his appearance, and his arms are now full of ink. The ADC also clarified that the price was approximate, specifically because it paid its tattoo artist in Swedish crowns and had to juggle with change.

9,000 euros is a considerable sum . But if you know some tattoo, the truth is that it is not so expensive… Reckless has indicated that these 9,000 euros were paid for more or less 100 hours of work. 90 euros an hour, it is a more offer How adequate.

Reckless, the most profitable player in Europe?

Reckless Pay attention to your image, and it is fair to say that it is a brand in itself. In addition to his level of play and his record (multiple European champion), he has mostly a great community after his steps. Very active in networks, he has already posed for large brands (Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Nike…).

In Europe, it is not clear who could sign it. Sports speaking, players like Caps, Janos or Perez are surely higher than Reckless. But so far none of them have managed to capitalize on their image as much as the Swedish.

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