Game Cultural Foundation, Game Generation 1st Anniversary Ceremony and Criticism Awards Ceremony

The Game Culture Foundation announced on the 20th that it finished the first anniversary ceremony and the Criticism Awards ceremony.

Game Generation is issued every other month, starting from August 1, 2021, and operates a platform that allows you to discuss game culture through game content. In the first anniversary of the first anniversary, the 1st game Generation Game Non-Peace Motor Exhibition was held in July. Of the 90 entries, nine awards were published in Game Generation No. 7.

The event introduced the activities of the game Generation and was held with the ‘1st Game Generation Game Non-Peace Motor Exhibition‘.

The award was conducted by Professor Yoon Tae-jin of Yonsei University, who was the chairman of the 1st game Generation Game Non-Public Exhibition. The best award was selected by Kim Min-ho, Kim Ji-woon, Kim Do-geun, and Park Dong-soo, Kim Sun-oh, Lee Sun-in, Kim Gyu-ri, and Kim Seo-ryul.

‘Game Generation’ editor-in-chief Lee Kyung-hyuk said, We would like to give you a great celebration for the suspicious people, and many applicants who have not served in the narrow position of only nine people.. Thank you for your support for the Criticism, and GG will make efforts to create a richer game culture discourse.

The game generation platform, the game generation platform, is created by the Game Foundation and Craft Tone, and is laying the foundation for providing content that enhances the expertise in the game culture. Nine winners can be found on the official website.

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