APEX LEGENDS New Legend Vantage Performance Explanation -Make sure you use the versatile search and move!

Electronic Arts is distributing the Hanted Apex Legends season 14 Apex Legends , a battle royal shutter handed by Respown Entertainment.

Vantage added this season is a new legend with a powerful sniper rifle and a komori echo and a reconnaissance passive. She, 18 years old, who is the youngest in all legends, has a slightly different type of abilities than the previous legends.

In this article, the ability and usage of the new legend Vantage are explained. It is an important legend to handle very useful all-purpose movement abilities and get information.

Tactical abilities are versatile!

Vantage tactics abilities are echo placement . Press the button to move the bat echo to the specified point. If you press and hold the button, you can fly to the place where the target point is echo. Jump cool down is 20 seconds and the reuse time is shorter.

In addition to the echo in the air, it can be transferred again, and it can be collected like a crypto dr1. Also, while flying, you can double jump at the echo location, so you can move a wide area. Echo can fly to about 40 meters, and when the distance to the vantage is more than 55 meters away, it comes here.

However, it is important to note that in order to fly to the echo location, you must see existence . If you are trapped indoors, you have to show out in an instant to get an emergency escape. The judgment of the visibility is Can you see echo at the moment of activating the skill?

It is also important to note that the movement of echo is that the location in the air cannot be specified in detail and it cannot be specified beyond the wall. The space such as windows cannot be escaped. Cooldown is short, but be careful when fighting or searching for enemies, as it is not enough to fire so much.

By the way, the vantage echo jump is cannot be used during the zip line, but it can be activated during the zip line and if you leave the zip just before activation, you can jump. If you can use it well, you can act acrobatic using two zips.

Passive ability is powerful! However, scope is required

Vantage passive abilities Spotter Lens exert their abilities when they have middle and long-distance scopes.

By visiting the enemy’s unit through the scope, you can check the number and armor information of the unit. The view of the legend shows the legendary name and distance used, so you can get a lot of information at once. In addition, a bullet indicator is displayed on the aim screen, and you can predict the landing point.

This passive ability is very powerful, with a battle royal shutter that tends to be a stable survival by obtaining information. In particular, the number of units and armor information clearly expresses the current strength of the unit, so if you share it with your friends, it will be easier to judge both offense and defense.

In addition, since the vantage also has a recovery ability, you can also check the position of the next map range using a survey beacon. This season, the exclusive damage of the round 1 area has been increased, so this is also a sober ability.

There is a risk of position barre, but it is a destructive ultimate Ultimate!

Vantage Ultimate Ability is Snipers Mark. Equipped with a special sniper rifle with 3 to 8 times the scope, the team will get a damage bonus on the opponent who has damaged and marked.

The effect of the mark is about 10 seconds. The magnification of the damage bonus is about 15%(18 → 20 in P2020, 45 → 51 in Mozambique), which is double bonus damage only when attacking with a snipers mark rifle (50 → 100 in the body shot. damage). The mark can be attached to multiple opponents.

Sniper rifle ammunition is a format in which one shot is replenished in about 40 seconds. If the ammunition in the magazine is exhausted, the time until the next loading is added. It’s a difficult time to fire, but if you replenish it while moving, it’s okay to think that a few shots can be shot at any time.

Although it is a very powerful Ultimate, such as damage and mark effect, it has one serious characteristic. The Ultimate sniper rifle is equipped with a laser site, and you can see the target point. Although it has the advantage of being easy to hit, care must be taken because not only the target but also the surrounding enemies will be barred.

In addition, if you are in the field of view even during the arm of Ultimate, you can jump to Echo. If you attack from here and think it’s a pinch, you can escape well. It’s a very powerful Ultimate, so let’s cover the weaknesses by turning around.

Vantage moves around and searching is important!

Vantage with different types of abilities from moving, searching, and attack. Each skill is powerful, but there is also a weakness that it is easy to break your position with Ultimate. It is important to take action that makes it difficult for your opponent to be targeted during the battle, so be sure to move early.

Jump to echo is very easy to use in the range and double jump, but it takes a little time to charge. Therefore, you must prepare a shield firmly to take a high place in advance or use it for avoidance behavior. However, don’t forget that the shield needs to be visible for echo.

The important thing is that even if you say that it is strong in medium and long distances, you should not be too particular about that position **. No matter how much a sniper is marked, it will be difficult to support if you are far away from your friends, and it is not unusual for you to aim for a isolated place. If you set up the Ultimate, the place will be crazy from around.

Vantages can also aim for surprises from blind spots in short-range battles. Even if the activation is late, if you can jump, it is not impossible to avoid the aerial in a double jump or take behind the opponent like octane. The first important thing is to get the information of the other party, so don’t forget to search for the enemy as much as possible.

Of course, be sure to attack with Ultimate when attacking. It is a reliable number that 150 damage can be taken in two shots. If you can hit the first strike, being targeted on a laser site will be a great pressure for your opponent.

Important technique for using vantes is a crouching button!

When using a vantage, you should definitely remember that you can cancel with a crouching button while jumping in an echo arrangement. The speed decreases when the crouching button is pressed, and you can land in front.

This technique is very useful, and if you use the fact that you can move to some extent after cancellation, you can play with the opponent with a movement like a straight. You can also choose to cancel if you get off while moving to a high place, and if you move to the back, you can just fly (you can fly further with double jump).

In addition, jumping on the echo is quite long, including a two-stage jump. Therefore, it can also be used to avoid bangalol and gibraltar bombing, jump over the fuse mother road, and minimize the damage of the coastal NOX gas grenade. However, the jump speed is not fast, so be careful not to be targeted in the air…

The current phenomenon, which is currently occurring, is revised in the near future. There is no report of corrections about the heat shield on the echo, but considering that it has been corrected in the past that Arcster and Sheila are posted on the crypto drone, this is also a specification. It seems to be a problem without it.

However, I personally agree with protecting it with a shield so that the echo does not hurt (although it is no damage in the game). As the development team says, echo is very cute .

Vantages have strong skills, but it is not unusual for them to be targeted and quickly defeated if they are not conscious of moving early. In order to win, it is essential to treat echo, so first remember the operation at the shooting practice area.

Season 14 Hanted of APEX LEGENDS is currently being distributed.

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