[e -sports trend] Valorant, challengers system solidly chopped

Riot Gamestory is a series of corners that can collect important news in the e-sports industry last week. In addition to the news of the entire e-sports industry in Korea and abroad, we introduce various information and stories such as domestic e-sports-related events and policies, issues of the fan community, and news of each game team. In addition, we will also inform the domestic and overseas e-sports competition scheduled this week.

■ News news of e-sports at home and abroad

◎ Riot Games, Balorant e-sports system announcement announcement
-Riot Games predicted the cataclysm of Valorant esports ecosystem. He said he will set a foothold to climb from the internal competition system to the Challengers, the International League, and the International Competition. In addition, he said he would build a franchise system that can join the team to participate in the top league international league. The most emphasized was the Challengers system. After the launch of 21 regional challengers leagues around the world, 42 teams will be operated by 2027. A system called Challengers Ascension is also added, which is a system that gives the same authority as promoted to international leagues for a certain period of time.

◎ Rolled Cup Trophy, Remake
-Riot Games said that it has rebuilt the Rolled Cup Trophy ‘Summoner Cup’ in collaboration with the famous jewelry brand Tiffany &co. Tiffany &co is a brand that has a history of consistently producing trophy of established sports from the past. The cup of a new summoner, produced by Riot Games and Tiffany &co, will be on the 29th.

◎ Also ‘knee’ TEN Tekken 7 Korea-Japan victory
-The Esports Night (TEN) held on the 15th, Korea’s representative ‘knee’ Bae Jae-min led Korea’s victory. ‘Knee’ played in the first game and two-game entry. In addition, in the final match of the three games, which had been in the game, the knees were very active and submerged the Japanese national team. ‘Knee’ has continued the world’s top seven strongest people by winning the seven Tekken category in EVO 2022, which was recently terminated.

◎ again…? Long-term delay in the game with a ‘masterpiece’ bug with LCK
-LCK also caused a bug-related market delay. This time, the ‘masterpiece’ effect disappeared from the item of the team members strengthened by the right passive. KT Rollster’s ‘Las Calm’ Kim Kwang-hee strengthened ‘Aiming’ Kim Ha-ram’s ‘Immortal Armor’, but at the time ‘Aiming’ this well, the item reinforces the ‘Return’ button. Returned to before. The game was delayed for a long time due to the player’s request. LCK made a decision on the game after hard work. In relation to this, the LCK explained additional reasons for the game’s decision.

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◎ Merger with LEC’s log, Spanish LOL game team KOI?
There was a foreign report that -LEC’s log would merge with the Spanish game team KOI. According to the report, some European game teams have worked on merger with logs, and KOI has emerged as the most prominent candidate. KOI is a game team made with a streamer called Ibai Lanos, a FC Barcelona football player. Meanwhile, there was a foreign report last month that Tim Heritics bought Miss Fitz’s franchise slot.

■ This week’s e-sports schedule

22nd (Mon): LCS, LCK Challengers, LPL
23rd (Tue): LCK Challengers, LPL
25th (Thu): LPL

26th (Fri): LCS, LCK Challengers, LPL
27th (Sat): LEC, LCS

28th (Sun): LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL

Wednesday, Wednesday: Cartrider League Season 2
27th (Sat): Cartrider League Season 2

25th (Thu): PWS: East Asia Phase 2
26th (Fri): PWS: East Asia Phase 2
27th (Sat): PWS: East Asia Phase 2
28th (Sun): PWS: East Asia Phase 2

22nd (Mon): Summer Showdown
26th (Fri): Summer Showdown
27th (Sat): Summer Showdown
28th (Sun): Summer Showdown

22nd (Mon): GSL Code S Season 3
25th (Thu): GSL Code S Season 3

23rd (Tue): ASL Season 14

27th (Sat): ATL Super Tournament
28th (Sun): ATL Super Tournament

■ esports sources

◎ ‘Faker-Chobi-Ruler’ Donation to recover heavy rains
-T1’s ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk, Zenji’s ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon, and ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk recently donated a lot of money for those who were damaged by record heavy rains in the central region. Their donations spread quickly through various communities, and the game team also distributed press releases to inform them. In the past, donations from pro gamers have been steadily proceeded.

◎ T1 CEO Mash CEO ‘Inappropriate words and actions’ related to apology
Jo Mash of -T1 once again on the cutting board. This time, the reason for the inappropriate words of the T1 player was the cause. Jo Mash posted an official apology and tried to silence the fans’ angry public opinion. He apologized in his apology that he sincerely apologized for all the recent controversial contents, and he said he decided to get a six-month disposal.

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