JellyBean: The Ultimate Knockout Officially Announces Free Forever From June 21, NS and Xbox Versions Will Be Added

The Epic Games Store official Weibo announced that the popular multiplayer party game Jelly Bean Man would be permanently free on all platforms from June 21 and available for the first time on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Epic Games Store. The official also released a full-documentary video of the live broadcast.

It is officially stated that players who already own Jelly Bean on the PlayStation and Steam platforms can continue updating the game, playing the new season, updating patches, and experiencing new game features. In contrast, new players will no longer be able to download Jelly Bean from Steam.

In March of this year, the publisher of Jelly Bean: The Ultimate Knockout changed from Sony SIE to Epic, and the official said that users of PS4 and PS5 platforms need to download the game launcher again.

In addition, the new PS5 version of Jelly Bean Man will be launched simultaneously with the Switch and Xbox versions. This version has a shorter reading time and has been optimized for the performance of the next-generation console.

For old players, the office will send a brand new Legacy Pack to all players who have purchased and played the game before June 21, including a nickname, a name tag, a royal style suit, a vegetarian hot dog suit, and a carnival dwarf suit. , and the Premium Season Pass for Season 1.

Jelly Bean will also start a new season in June to welcome the many new players who are about to be invited, creating a veritable welcome celebration.

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