XBox Series S: Xbox Series S: Exchange Action at Gamestop

Together with Gamestop, Microsoft has started an action in Germany, which should bring more Xbox-Series-S-consoles to the living room. From 8 April to and including May 5, 2022, the game dealer calls on to exchange used old consoles against new Xbox machines – the upgrade sum that you have to pay for the upgrade varies Gamestop-typically depending on the platform.

For example, if you bring a potent Xbox One X 1TB to the DATE, only 50 euros must be on fire, with a weaker Xbox One S 500 GB Digital Edition, 120 ilches are due. The cheapest comes to the Xbox Series S (from 274.49 € for sale) if you exchanges a PS4 per 1 TB, then only 20 euros will be due. On the Microsoft website for action, you will find an overview, even more concrete it will be with Gamestop itself. According to small print, the offer is valid within the promotional period for all Gamestop filiages, but only while stocks last.

Don't Buy The Xbox Series S from Gamestop
If you are still thinking, whether the small execution of the Xbox-Series series for your needs is sufficient, then you can look in our test, where we draw a very positive conclusion – just as part of the ecosystem Xbox Game Pass can the Series S Namely, represent an interesting alternative.

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