Overwatch League, Eastern Regular Season Opening

In addition to Seoul Dynasty, which is based on Seoul, Korea, the eastern part of the Overwatch League, which is loved by fans in Korea and Asia, including Philadelphia Fusion and Shanghai Dragons, will hold the brilliant end on the 20th.

The Eastern Regional Season Season Season Season has been reorganized at 7:00 pm, optimized for Korean viewing time ahead of the opening of this season. It will be broadcast live on the Overwatch League official YouTube channel.

@Philadelphia Fusion vs @Seoul Dynasty | Opening Weekend | Day 1 — East

It’s a big match since the first game. The Philadelphia Fusion, which is defended by the defending champion Shanghai Dragons and the league’s best dealer, is aiming for the opening match against each other.

The confrontation between the two teams has always been a whistle, making it difficult to predict. Shanghai Dragons includes ‘FLETA’ Kim Byung -sun, ‘LIP’ Lee Jae -won, ‘Leejaegon’ Lee Jae -gon, and ‘FATE’ Guan Seung -seung last year. In addition, the healer position has been strengthened by recruiting ‘BEBE’ Yoon Hee -chang.

The leadership of Moon Byung -chul, who has been awarded the coach of the year of the 2020 season, is still the leadership. The power of Philadelphia Fusion, which is aiming for the “Lord of Independence” and farewell this season, is also unfortunate. ‘MN3’ Yoon Jae -hee, ‘ZEST’ Kim Hyun -woo, and ‘AIMGOD’ Kwon Min -seok will be transfused. Rookie ‘MN3’ Yoon Jae -hee and ‘CARPE’ Lee Jae -hyuk Lee Jae -hyuk two -top, who have been verified by Overwatch Contenders Korea, are also expected.

Let’s pay attention to the confrontation between Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark, scheduled for 10 o’clock on the 20th. “TOBI” Yang Jin -mo, who was once a representative of Seoul Dynasty, debuted as a Seoul team manager.

Of the nine games in the eastern part of the opening week, six games scheduled for Friday and Sunday are responsible for the commentary of Jeong So -rim and Jang Ji -soo. On the 2nd day of the opening, the three games will be combined with Kim Jung -min Caster and Overwatch League professional players. On the other hand, all nine games in the western region hold the microphone with Hwang Kyu -hyung caster and Hong Hyun -sung commentary. The luxury relays they will be introduced adds to the fun and elegant interpretation of the league.

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