Newly Updated MMORPG Embers Adrift Lowers Prices – Discover Now!

After a launch in October of Planned last, Embers Adrift was revealed as part of a discovery weekend in January.
After consulting the tester players, Storm haven studio clearly arrives at the conclusion that mmorpg prices are a bit too high.
To remedy this, the developer therefore announces to review his prices downwards.
Embers Adrift will keep its economic model based on lac hat of a copy of the game, then payment of a monthly subscription-according to the developer, the MMORPG market is full of different monetization methods (subscription, Dob jets, Pay to Win) and Atonement is
Deemed both the fairest and the most capable of the link between the players and the development studio.
However, to make the game more accessible to the greatest number, the selling price of the game increases to $29.99 (instead of $39.99), including the first month dubbing then $9.99 per month (at
place of $14.99).

A large new region: Brimstone Canyon

And as if to justify this subscription model, the Storm haven studio publishes on the official forum the list of updates deployed in recent months-in particular new dungeons, unpublished monsters, new features such as the redesign of artisanal, or
of the defense system and Aggro, among others.
The studio mainly sketches the next Members Adrift update, which must be deployed tomorrow February 28.


It will notably be on the location of discovering a new area, Brimstone Canyon, a large region accessible from level 30.
The place houses a specific fauna, but also eight new quest lines.
The Champagne update also an improvement of social lounge and cat (to better take into account the special characters of non-English-speaking languages).
At the request of players, storage capacities (staff and bank) also increase and merchants will now be able to buy objects to players.
What improve the game experience.
Notice to the curious who would therefore like (re) discover Adrift Adrift and its new Brimstone Canyon region, at a slightly more advantageous price.
Adrift embers: exploration of the Brimstone region

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