Com2us Holdings, the new Hello global pre -booking start

[mobile game Moon Young -soo] Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 10th that it will make a pre -booking through Google Play ahead of the domestic and global launch of the mobile game ‘Dear, ELLA’.

This pre -booking can be participated until the release scheduled for the end of next month. The users who participated in the pre -booking will receive the main items of the Gem, Gold, and Hero Summon Tickets in the form of a ‘compensation box’. The compensation box can be opened sequentially every time a certain level is achieved.

[Summoners War: Chronicles] Latest News on the First-Ever Summoners War MMORPG!
Hello Ella tells the stories of ‘Ella’ and her colleagues, who are fateful adventures beyond time on the stage of the fantasy world ‘Espe Lancer’. The emotional story is composed of animation and cuttoons to enhance immersion. In addition, a ‘chain skill system’, which combines hero’s unique skills to create synergy, has implemented strategic battles.

It is the first work that is introduced by the Com2us Holdings and Alpy Ji -Publick. The global version is launched by combining the blockchain system within the C2X ecosystem. In this version, fun elements through token economics will be added, such as producing and using NFT heroes and dungeons.

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