Nintendo Switch Oled: Only get with Switch Sports until tomorrow [advertisement]

At Otto you can get the Nintendo Switch Oled in the bundle with the Nintendo Switch Sport, which has just been released, for 374.99 euros. The offer only runs until tomorrow and only applies to the white version of the Switch OLED. If you have not ordered anything from Otto for at least two years, you can secure 15 euros additional discount . Here you come to the deal:

Nintendo Switch Oled + Nintendo Switch Sports (including leg belt) for € 374.99

Individually, the Nintendo Switch Oled costs just 349.99 euros, which is one of the cheaper providers. Nintendo Switch Sports is 49.99 euros. So the bundle discount is not huge, but given the fact that the Nintendo Switch Oled was quite poorly available a few months ago, it is nice to see the console in a special offer at all.

However, if you are also satisfied with the normal switch, you can get them much cheaper at MediaMarkt in the bundle with Nintendo Switch Sports, namely for 311 euros. You can find the bundle on the product page of the Nintendo Switch when you scroll down something:

Nintendo Switch + Nintendo Switch Sports (including leg belt) for € 311

What is Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports game in the style of the famous Wii Sports, in which you can use the movement control of the Joy-Con Controller in six different sports. There are football, tennis, bowling, volleyball, badminton and Chanbara. The latter is a kind of sword fight. The game includes a leg belt in the version offered by Otto, in which a Joy-Con is inserted. This allows your leg movements to be recorded in football.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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In contrast to the Switch-exclusive Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo Switch Sports is less about endurance training and more about fun and playing together. You can also play all sports in the multiplayer, with the maximum number of players varied depending on the sport.

Nintendo Switch Oled + Nintendo Switch Sports (including leg belt) for € 374.99

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