Which are the Biggest and Best Battle Royale Games of 2022?

The article is about the best battle royale games of recent years. It presents five versions that are considered the most important and best representations of this type of game for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.Battle Royale is a game that has attracted millions of players in recent years. Its all-or-nothing gameplay style makes it unique and exciting to play. We at Gamers Club have made a list of the best Battle Royale games available on PC, Xbox, and Play Station (PS). We will be presenting you with five different Battle Royale games, one for each platform, that we think are noteworthy titles.

PUBG: Battlegrounds – The Ancient Rock
PUBG: Battlegrounds started as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, the modern founder of the genre. In 2017, with PUBG, the hype around the exciting game concept Battle Royale.

A lot of content is constantly changing
Normal mode is free
Realistic setup with many weapon details
slower pace

Cheating issues in free game mode
Free games don’t unlock everything
The game is a bit outdated now

How big is PUBG?
The shooter averaged over 1 million concurrent players in its heyday. As of January 2022, it’s still around 240,000, which means it’s No. Three among the top games on Steam
The question should be more like: How are other BR games different from PUBG?. How is PUBG different from other battle royale games? Because Sagittarius makes a different type.

As such, many of PUBG’s mechanics can be found in other types of reps, but there are a few things that set Veteran apart:
Found weapons can be modified during matches with attachments
Weapons are sometimes challenging to use, but they play uniquely
The relatively slow pace of the game encourages sneakiness

Who is PUBG suitable for?
PUBG is a bit like a hardcore shooter compared to other prominent genre representatives. The game is unforgiving, and if you get hit, you’ll go down quickly.
However, if you prefer a more down-to-earth setup and don’t think about too many crazy tricks to outsmart your opponents, PUBG is the battle royale for you.
Other big games have faster movement, special mechanics, or let you use your device. PUBG sets you off on an island where you should get the most wins with limited possibilities.

How hard is it to get started?
Weapon handling takes some getting used to, and coupled with the low time to kill, this represents a hurdle, and getting started isn’t easy.
However, experienced shooter players will pick up quickly and should only need a few rounds to achieve initial success.
However, you have fewer difficult mechanics to learn than Fortnite or Apex. The pace is also slower.
After a while, you’ll get the hang of guns. As such, the learning curve for PUBG is more about the shooting itself than action skills or nimble construction skills.

What are the problems with the game?
Cheaters have plagued PUBG since day one, and the release of free-to-play games has worsened the problem.
While free players cannot participate in ranked matches, premium players are more likely to make it to around in a match. But usually, cheaters are one thing in PUBG.

Fortnite: Battle Royale – colorful and crazy
The colorful shooter started as a purchasable co-op adventure before mutating into a free-to-play giant. The developers recognized the battle royale hype, used their existing game mechanics, and created a massive BR game.
This versatility remains the secret to continued success. While games like Warzone offer very little new content, Fortnite is still putting out a game-changer for other years after its release.
Sometimes it’s Spider-Man’s gloves dangling around, sometimes a mysterious cube named Kevin makes a splash, and then suddenly there’s a big pop concert in the game that you can experience together.

Fortnite keeps reinventing itself
Crazy cover system to build yourself
Creative mode allows custom mode
Extensive cross-play functionality

Building systems can be exhausting
Childish performance is a matter of taste

How big is Fortnite?
The colorful shooter is a big game with many fans. Fortnite tracker tracks stats of over 120 million players on almost all platforms.

How is Fortnite different from other battle royale games? There are two obvious things:
Fortnite is colorful and full of crazy skins. Funny playable comics for life
You can set your cover at any time during the game
The basic game mechanics will also make Fortnite more like a casual battle royale game like PUBG. If not for the buildings and weird gadgets that sometimes come into play.
You start the game with a pickaxe, which can also be transformed into a baseball bat, wallpaper roll, or accordion through skins. Use a hoe to dig up materials on the map: wood, brick, and metal.
With this material, you can build cover anytime, anywhere. At first, your makeshift shelter is just a makeshift wall, but you can build a complete fort in seconds with practice.
This makes combat unique and gives Fortnite a certain depth of gameplay – easy to learn, hard to master.
This, combined with regular events and constant in-game innovation, makes Fortnite the most diverse game on this list.

Who is Fortnite?
Free-to-play battle royale gives you various options and builds in an exciting mechanic during matches that make combat equally diverse.
If you can handle colorful looks and weird game mechanics, Fortnite can stay with you for years, always trying to keep you happy with new ideas.

How hard is it to get started?
Buildings turn Fortnite into a battle royale with a vast skill gap – good players will fool you for a long time, making it difficult to get started.
Also, like cute but angry dinosaurs, limited mechanics require you to be more adaptable than other games in the genre.
As a seasoned shooter and battle royale player, you can also rip things off in Fortnite right from the start. But only those who participate in the current add-on mechanics and ubiquitous building systems will be good.
However, Fortnite is easy to practice as it offers a creative mode in which faster game modes can also be created and played.

What are the problems with the game?
If you want to play Fortnite but don’t want to build, it will eventually become difficult to continue to succeed. Also, there are frequent server issues, especially regarding updates.

Apex Legends – Quick Move
Apex Legends is publisher EA’s battle royale game in the world of the Titanfall shooter series. However, unlike the spiritual predecessors, it is not the mechanized titans fighting each other here, but the legends of geniuses – legendary characters.
After the first major BR games, PUBG and Fortnite, the shooter has learned a lot from its genre competition.
Apex takes the classical Battle Royale mechanics and adds ingenious mechanics to find their way: heroes with special abilities, fast movement, and frequent map rotations.
The title has convinced its fans for three years and has remained fresh and varied thanks to the regular introduction of new content.

A fast-paced shooter where you won’t go down so fast
heroes with special skills
map rotation

Heroes are difficult to balance
The server has problems now and then

How big are the vertices?
In January 2022, EA’s shooter averaged over 140,000 concurrent players on Steam alone. There are also fans on consoles and EA’s launcher.

How is Apex Legends different from other battle royale games?
Compared to the other 3 BR shooters on the list, Apex relies on unique heroes with their skills.
Each character has two abilities that can be used frequently and an Ultimate Ability that charges slowly. This brings a lot of variation to combat.
Many weapons can be modified with lootable attachments during matches and played in different ways.
In Apex, you’ll also be faster in general, and a fixed playstyle will usually give you less success than a move-heavy approach.

Who is Apex Legends for?
Apex is a battle royale game for MOBA fans or lovers of hero shooters like Overwatch.
Different heroes bring exceptional dynamics to the game, and you should adjust your approach based on your character’s abilities.
Heroes are also more likely to create situations where you are at an advantage or disadvantage. If you’re unlucky, you’ll run into an Anti-Legend who will leave your skills with nothing or outright prevail because your counter-attack against another Legend is ready.
Apex is for you if you love mastering your character’s abilities and are looking for a battle royale with more specialized options.

How hard is it to get started?
Apex is fast, potentially unfair, and provides some depth with heroes you must adapt to.
You need to know about weapons and gear, but you also need to know about enemy heroes and the nasty things they can do to you. It takes time and experience.
This presents a particular hurdle, as in any hero-based game. But at the end of the day, it also says something special about Apex.

What are the problems with the game?
Again and again, there are issues with balance and servers. Server issues are incredibly annoying after significant updates.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Easiest Battle Royale
Call of Duty began its first foray into a battle royale with its premium game Black Ops 4 in 2018 before releasing free-to-play Warzone in early 2020.
While BO4’s success fell short of expectations, Free Warzone exploded after launch, bringing full-fledged CoD gameplay to gamers for the first time on PC and console for free.
Warzone is a down-to-earth battle royale game that knows how to integrate player progress into matches. You upgrade your weapon, and you can use it to your advantage during competitions.

Challenge and level system incentives
Own equipment available in the race
many rebirth possibilities
Mature CoD game for free

Cheating is always a problem
Content flows slowly
Often has annoying bugs

How big is the war zone?
Similar to Fortnite, there is no official live player count. But the CoD tracker shows more than 50 million tracking records, while the CoD mentions more than 100 million registrations.

How is Warzone different from other battle royale games?
Call of Duty has always been very good at simplifying complex mechanics and making them accessible to the masses.
In terms of mechanics, it’s the closest thing to genre veteran PUBG of any game on this list. However, it also brings its ideas to make it more than just a copy of the CoD game.
The most crucial difference in the race is the drop-in loading. Before the race, you’ll put together the complete set of equipment that you can acquire during the race.
This makes you less reliant on loot found during matches. However, it would help if you first upgraded the weapon to reach its full potential.
There are also many ways to get other players back into the game. The gulag mechanics are unique: 1vs1 duels have you fighting for another life after your first death.

Who is Call of Duty: Warzone?
Sophisticated gunplay and motivating challenges – that’s what Call of Duty stands for and what the shooter series brings to Warzone.
In general, Call of Duty fans should take a look at the free-to-play Battle Royale. If you’ve played current CoD games, you can even use upgraded weapons and jump right into the game with a powerful loadout.
If you’re generally looking for a battle royale game, Warzone is a perfect choice. You need to hit the ball correctly and know how to use screens.

How hard is it to get started?
Due to the game structure of Battle Royale, starting is always a thing. You play forever and get killed by more vigorous opponents in seconds.
However, getting started in Warzone is more accessible than the other genre reps on the list. You don’t have to fiddle with your weapons or pull up your cover in a split second during the game.
You can use many tricks to catch your opponent off guard or outmaneuver them. However, if you know the way shooters are, then Warzone will suffice.
There is also a shooter called Modern Warfare 2019 that uses Warzone gameplay.
If you want to learn the game and upgrade some weapons, get the CoD MW, learn the gameplay, and enjoy countless hours of battle royale.

What are the problems with the game?
Warzone is often plagued by bugs and has cheating issues. Also, there are usually too powerful weapons in action.

Naraka: Bladepoint – something completely different
Naraka: Bladepoint is an oddball on this list for several reasons. First: it’s not a shooter. It’s a fighting game.
It’s also the youngest title on the list and the biggest shaky contender. However, Naraka is also the topmost innovative BR game on Steam.
You slam, slash and fight on an ever-shrinking playing field, and you can use heroes with different abilities to support your playstyle.

Innovative battle royale
Heroes play very differently
Increase strength until the end of the game

Heroes are difficult to balance
not a free game
Currently only playable on PC

Naraka: How big is Bladepoint?
The beaten BR is pretty small compared to other games on this list. On Steam, Naraka averaged over 50,000 concurrent players in January.

How is Naraka: Bladepoint different from other battle royale games?
You’ll find the usual battle royale mechanics in Naraka, but don’t rely primarily on angry guns.
Instead, you control a legendary fighter with unique abilities and ultimate attacks that provide significant advantages when used and have a long cooldown.
You can climb buildings, use grappling hooks to pull yourself towards objects or enemies, and you’re generally pretty nimble.
You can also find or acquire tons of buffs and equipment from defeated opponents. As a result, you strengthen your fighters during the game and are much stronger than when the round started.

Naraka: Who is Bladepoint for?
Naraka impressively shows that Battle Royale doesn’t have to be a shooter. But fans of shooters will also get their money’s worth.
If you usually like venting your emotions in a competitive environment, Naraka gives you all the tools to gain a deep understanding of the game and keep improving it.
Compared to the shooter, the kill time of the Naraka is significantly higher, and the fight lasts at least a few seconds. You also don’t have to be afraid of a sniper’s headshot blowing you off the screen.
You’ll jump right into hand-to-hand combat for most fights, using your combos and skilled moves to create cinematic combat scenarios.
If games like For Honor, Dark Souls, or Chivalry appeal to you, I should like Naraka.

How hard is it to get started?
Getting started is difficult and annoying. The game combo only opens after a few hours.
Naraka: Baldepoint wants you to learn this game, and you will get better step by step. A beaten BR will kill you if you have no fighting game experience.
However, Narak will get you into trouble if there is a first success. The smooth gameplay makes combat very action-packed, and the more you master it, the more exciting and fun it becomes.

What are the problems with the game?
Naraka is the only game on your must-buy list. Also, the balance of heroes and weapons is difficult.

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