Star Trek: Has Spocks first name been betrayed?

The new SeriesTar Trek: Strange New Worlds is not too far away. Anyway, for the fans with access to the streaming service of Paramount + . Because the new Star Trek series has so far only starts in the US on 5 May 2022 . The fans in Germany have to wait a bit, because so far, it is not yet known when and how the show will be visible with us. When it’s time, the first trailer promises a series of action, romance and an adventurous crew around Captain Pike (Anson Mount) on U.S. Enterprise.

He is one of the most famous aliens of today’s pop culture: spock . The extremely rational volcano has become famous in the original series of Star Trek, then played by Leonard Nimoy. Zachary Quinto took over the role in the newer canvas adventures of Star Trek and most recently Ethan Peck played the young spock in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery . This spock will return to Strange New Worlds and the makers seemingly planned a very special surprise for spock fans. At an event should be revealed its full name . In addition, a further crew member should get a name-up sheath . But something went wrong.

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Star Trek reveals Spock’s name and takes him back

It is always exciting to learn more about well-known characters. These probably also thought the visitors of the Star Trek: Mission Chicago Events as they spook a new character poster to Spock , on which his full name was to read. In all the years his first name was never officially called. The vulcan should be called the poster s’nch t’gai spock .

The name should come from a Star Trek novel by Barbara Hambly from 1985 titled Ishmael. For a long time the fans could not be happy about this news.

For apparently the responsible persons of Star Trek: Mission Chicago realized that Spock has a first name, but the name on the poster is incorrect . It is not clear what exactly goes wrong. Whether the posters are only misprints or whether the information is slipped before the producers of the series have intended it was not clarified. Which other figure is to get a full name, you will find out Page 2 !

Star Trek Original - Best of Spock (Literally)

Page 1 Star Trek: Was Spock’s first name Betrayed?

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