Lego Star Wars The Saga Skywalker: Our Unboxing 4K collector with the exclusive Luke figurine

LEGO Star Wars 30625 LUKE SKYWALKER WITH BLUE MILK Review! (2022) + Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition!
Released April 5th, Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker is already a success with a very big start that proves that the game was very expected by the players and that the 5 years of development will not have been vain. Moreover, the game is also the subject of some covenils, since the luke skywalker figurine with blue milk on the mouth is already out of stock, climbing the price of the character in question. At present, the figurine alone (while supplied with the Deluxe edition) is sold between 35 € and 100 €, successful sales. It’s good, in the Collector that Warner Bros Games has sent us, there are 2 figurines of this Luke Skywalker with blue milk on the mouth that obviously prevails keep in our beautiful collection, but we propose you to Discover through our unboxing white gloves. Because there are other ultra valuable goodies in this incredible card, and especially a replica of the Droid Gonk that we find in the video game. You are allowed to discover all the contents of the cardboard without further delay. PLEASE ENJOY.

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