Largest back-ups in recent years (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam)

The history of video game is made of small decisions leading to large rosenings. At a time when the power of social networks can tarnish the image of a giant who would have made a decision judged badly, the changes of sudden opinion are legion. We come back to ten years of significant backpoints that have marked the polygonal path of our favorite leisure.


PlayStation says “Yes” to CrossPlay after having struggled for a long time

As early as March 2016, being able to play online with his friends regardless of their favorite platform was a functionality encouraged first by Microsoft, then by Nintendo when the Switch arrived in 2017. In June 2018, the two. Builders have even made a common campaign with the famous minecraft, Soft allowing the cross-play between the Xbox One and Switch players. The trailer of the update showing this addition displayed in the same video the Microsoft and Nintendo brands, side by side. It ended with a strong slogan: “_survivive together”. Both companies are experiencing the public’s interest in this feature, and knew that developers like publishers had a lot to win: the more players are online on a game, the better for everyone.

Sony, then leader with his Playstation 4, had only made this proposal . Why authorize owners of PS4 to play with Xbox players while the Japanese console sells like small breads? Surely persuaded that the cross-play would benefit Microsoft more than Sony, Jim Ryan (current President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) has long explained that the cross-play would not be done on PlayStation consoles, for the worries of protection and “Security younger “.

Nevertheless, the pressure of the developers has been particularly insistent. Psyonix regretted publicly “The lack of help from Sony” As for the Epic Games Tim Sweeney was saying to the 2018 GDC that the cross-play was inevitably arriving, Pete Hines de Bethesda warned that The Elder Scrolls: Legends would come out that on machintes authorizing the cross-play, while Too Howard (creative director at Bethesda) entrusted that Sony “ was not a great help” as to the development of the cross-play. Finally, the Japanese manufacturer to whom we owe God of War made a step towards the cross-play in September 2018 , by allowing an online game open to the different platforms on Fortnite. In October 2019, the group made this functionality accessible to all developers. If there is a lesson that the creators of the Playstation have retained from the time PS3, it is never good to stand up the studios because of a decision going to the against their interests.

180 ° Tonestrining Microsoft About the “All Connected” of Xbox One

The least we can say is that the year 2013 was complicated for the Redmond firm. When she first revealed the Xbox One on May 21, 2013, she received hours from the fans who heard only “tv, TV, TV, TV, TV“. A few weeks later, at E3 2013, the Sombra brand because of a dark permanent connection story of the occasion , and to editorial choices deemed unfair by developers independent. While Microsoft had already head in the sand, Sony published a video openly mocking the US giant’s policy. For a time, Chris Lewis, director of Xbox Europe, claimed that it would be necessary to “_connect his console at least once a day” so that the games work.

In the general opinion, the impression that Microsoft had a delay in relation to its direct competitor emerged. A survey organized at the time by the website (now closed) put the Japanese console on the highest step of the podium with 77% of the purchase intentions. On June 19, 2013, less than a week after the closing of the Californian show, the Redmond firm orchestrait a 180 ° Tonitrising in its usage policy . Suddenly, the Xbox One that requested an internet connection became a completely playable console offline, “ to the image of the Xbox 360” insisted the official communiqué. Don Mattrick, the instigator of this decryed policy that almost made the brand disappear, left the US group in July 2013. Phil Spencer will succeed him in March 2014.

Paying upgrade, then free, from the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West

When Guerrilla Games announced the Pre-orders of Horizon Forbidden West, which should have been a new enthusiasm welcomed by fans proved to be a cold shower for Sony. The fault with a very poor condition perceived by the players: when buying Horizon Forbidden West in its PS4 version, the PS5 update was paid. At a time when the Xbox Smart Delivery insured the best version of a game regardless of the purchased edition, Sony’s decision had trouble passing. A few days from Bad Buzz were sufficient for the company to return to its decision : Finally, all PS4 versions of the soft Guerrilla Games have benefited from an upgrade to PS5 editions without additional cost. This back-edge caused by the grumbling of users generates another aberration: Forbidden West PS5 costing 10 euros more than Forbidden West PS4, it was more economical to crack on the version of the old generation to play on PS5. The opposite of what Sony originally envisaged.

Kinect “Inseparable” of the Xbox One Experience. Until…

Everything had started so well for the sensor who did not in the end. Announced at E3 2009 under the code name “Project Natal“, the camera in its Xbox 360 version had convinced the general public. Surfing on the wave of Motion Gaming initiated by Nintendo with its Wii, Kinect also became a real phenomenon. It took only 25 days to the accessory to distribute at 2.5 million copies. In February 2013, Microsoft estimated 24 million sensors around the world. What to trust Microsoft who will imagine its next Xbox One as being inseparable to the new Kinect, more powerful technologically. The idea was to use this second version to facilitate navigation in the many multimedia functions of the Xbox One .

Harvey Eagle, the English marketing manager of Microsoft at the time of arrival of the Xbox One, provided that Kinect would be mandatory, as an integral part of the philosophy of the machine. However, by making Kinect V2 essential to the Next-Gen experience imagined by Microsoft without proposing good dedicated games, Microsoft began the back players. More annoying again, the sensor set out the price of the console at 500 euros, 100 euros more than the Japanese rival. Shortly after the nomination of Phil Spencer at the head of Xbox in 2014, the gear became too bulky was removed from the cartons , putting the ONE at the same price as the PS4. As Xbox One updates, Kinect-related functions were removed. In 2017, it was necessary to connect an adapter so that the accessory works on Xbox One X. The final shovel stroke intervened in October 2017, when the Redmond firm announced the purpose of the object.

Sony finally maintains the Playstation Store on PS3 and PS Vita

In March 2021, Sony announced the next closure of Playstation Store on PS3 and PS Vita. It meant that the owners of these consoles would be unable to buy new games or in-game content to the online shops of these platforms. Following the anger of the players wishing to continue to “have access to the cultural heritage” of these machines, the Japanese giant Fit Volte-Face a month later . It is in a message published on the official Blog Playstation that Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sie, recognized “having the wrong decision”. “We have found that many of you wanted to be able to continue buying classics on PS3 and PS Vita. I am happy that we could have found a solution “he wrote. In this war of the image, the slightest fake is decidedly taken very seriously by the Mastodontes of the industry.

The surprise increase in the price of Xbox Live, canceled the next day

Microsoft Says Goodbye To Xbox Live

It is still meaning to realize how certain decisions can be taken without a society, as big as it is, can not anticipate the bad reactions that will flow. On January 22, 2021, Microsoft wanted the Happy New Year to the Xbox fans by announcing a dramatic increase in Xbox Live prices for new subscribers. One year of Live Gold should have cost 120 euros instead of sixty normally required! This global rise in tariffs announced via an Xbox Wire article was extremely poorly perceived by the Community, judging it was From a dark maneuver aimed at pushing the few recalcitrant to crack for a much more interesting Game Pass. Only a few hours after the publication of the new rates, Microsoft returned to its decision : goodbye the price increase, and welcome to the F2P games that become online even without subscription.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer, Xbox’s big boss, rose to the niche to apologize. A new article was published on the Xbox Wire to reassure consumers. “We have made a mistake, and you were right to let us know” could be read in the introduction of the article. Since then, Microsoft has not moved the prices of its offers in France, whether it is Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, or Game Pass Ultimate. In other countries, the US giant has even decreased the amount of the entrance ticket.

Steam opens the valves to classified games x after frozening their arrival

The Steam platform and adult games, it’s a long history. On PC, Steam exercises a right of look at what is sent to its virtual shop. Yet, after 18 years of existence and debates extending to social networks, STEAM accepted its first completely non-censored pornographic app with Negligee: Love Stories in 2019. Previously, the group had suspended the arrival of erotic titles and put sticks in the wheels to the developers who killed the X. aware that his company did not have to decide what was moral or not, Gabe Newell decided to add a filter “Games for adults “In September 2018 , category that now accepts all pornographic games” qui are not illegal or resolutely provocative “. Nevertheless, a title like Super Seduer 3 has never been validated on the platform. The reason relied on? “Steam does not sell explicit sexual images of real people“.

Sony does not really believe in “generations”

In May 2020, PlayStation Jim Ryan’s boss explained to Journalists from Gamesindustry that his society did not want generations to merge. “We believe in the generations, and whether it’s the Dualsense controller, 3D audio, multiple ways to use the SSD… we think it’s time to give the community PlayStation something New, something different, which can only be appreciated on PlayStation 5_ “he said. It was at that time a posture different from Microsoft’s, American giant who had already communicated wanting to get out a maximum of Xbox Series X | S also on Xbox One.

However, in September 2020, Ryan reviews his speech in the Washington Post lines by revealing that the PS4 remains an important point in the Group’s strategy, and that PS5 game portages will arrive on PS4. This has happened with Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man: Moral Miles, first announced on Playstation 5 before Playstation 4 editions are revealed later. According to Bloomberg, Sony would have decided to extend the production schedule of the Playstation 4 to counterbalance the absence of PlayStation 5 in the shelves, which totally glues with the strategy set up by Jim Ryan and his teams.


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