Pokemon Go: How to see Pokemon Level and CP

For players walking around in their local park or on vacation Since they have nothing else to do than looking for new Pokémon, it would be important for them to find new Pokémon to rise on their travels. However, it can be difficult to find out how strong your Pokémon is before you pull into a battle. Players can always see their Battlepoints of Pokemon , but it can be difficult to recognize exactly where their levels are. In this manual we show you where you can find out which Level has your Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

How to see the level of your Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Battle Points (CP) are the easiest way to see how strong your Pokémon is in the fight. Although this is true, the level of your Pokemon, as we normally see it in other Pokemon games, still exists. When you tap on the map on a wild Pokémon while you walk around, you will see that the Pokémon receives a level. However, the Level you see, and the level you see your friend can be different . The level given to the Pokémon must lie up or under its own coach level. For this reason you will find stronger Pokémon if you get up personally.

The largest indicator of the level of a Pokémon is The Bogen This is in the picture on the page for the Pokémon in your Pokedex. On level 1, the bow of a Pokémon is completely linked from the bow, which means that he was not filled out at all.

However, a Pokémon with the same level as the level of his coach is almost completely filled the sheet. That means if you are a coach on stage 20 and your Pokémon is on stage 19 or stage 20, the sheet will do this almost completely filled . If you are Level 20 and your Pokémon Level 1 is, the sheet is not filled at all.

The level of a Pokémon is displayed how much it can fill his own potential . A Pokémon of Level 1 can only have a certain amount of combat points until his bow is completely filled. However, you can increase the level of your pokemon.

The level of a Pokémon can be increased Star dust or sweets . Each of these objects strengthens their Pokémon by half a level.

Many coaches are worried that they can turn their pokémon too late when they first develop it. Based on how the switch-on system works, it is actually so makes no difference at all . The levels of your Pokémon in the first phase is not different from the last evolution phase.

Here is the list of switch-on costs after each level for each Pokémon:

  • 1-2.5: 200 Star dust, 1 candy
  • 3-4.5: 400 Star dust, 1 candy
  • 5-6,5: 600 Star dust, 1 candy
  • 7-8.5: 800 Star dust, 1 candy
  • 9-10.5: 1000 Star dust, 1 candy
  • 11.-12.5: 1300 Star dust, 2 candies
  • 13-14.5: 1600 Star dust, 2 sweets
  • 15-16.5: 1900 Star dust, 2 candies
  • 17-18.5: 2200 Star dust, 2 candies
  • 19-20.5: 2500 Star dust, 2 candies
  • 21.-22.5: 3000 Star dust, 3 sweets
  • 23.-24.5: 3500 Star dust, 3 candies
  • 25-26.5: 4000 Star dust, 3 candies
  • 27.-28.5: 4500 Star dust, 3 sweets
    1. 30.5: 5000 Star dust, 3 sweets
  • 31-32.5: 6000 Star dust, 4 candies
  • 33-34.5: 7000 Star dust, 4 sweets
  • 35-36.5: 8000 Star dust, 4 sweets
  • 37-38.5: 9000 Star dust, 4 candies
  • 39-40: 10000 Star dust, 4 sweets

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

  • This item was updated on 24 March 2022

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