HSV III and Rugenbergen Siegen

Die Hightlights der Partie SV Börnsen - Barmbek-Uhlenhorst | ELBKICK.TV
For the HSV Barmbek Uhlenhorst, it will be hard last match days in the Oberliga Hamburg to turn the descent into the national league. Although Bu at the Hamburger SV III started model valid and went through Desimier, who decayed Burmeister in the duel and then the ball then lifted the ball over Keeper Usta to the goal (9th), in the lead, then the guests got all the front of Nikroo, who are outstanding with four goals Players in the field was, but not in the handle. When compensating, the 26-year-old dusted (18.). The 2: 1 he achieved after preliminary work by Erik, who served him at the penalty point (32.). In the 40th minute, the native Iraner then laced after presentation of Burmeister, who made his mistake at the 0: 1 again, a magnificent hat trick. And at the end, he achieved the 4: 1 final score for the Hamburger SV III (68.) in the second round in the left corner with his fourth goal. For BU, which has taken 14 points from the preliminary round, it was the bankruptcy in the fourth game of the relegation round. And because on Friday evening the Hamm United FC almost simultaneously compelled the FC Union Tornesch after a very strong first passage, the HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst slips even deeper into the spin z1. In addition, Bu is the most games of the league so far.

Hamm United immediately took over the command against Union Tornesch and always revealed dangerous goalkeeping scenes. From Union, on the other hand, was little to see shortly before the end of the first half – Knottnerus failed to form Medaiyese. But there was already 3: 0 for the homeland. After some good chances, the nodes burst in the “outrageous” in the 31st minute. Baese played away against Rump, but could not finally defuse the ball. Miry got a lot and dusted to lead. Five minutes later it rang again. This time it was Baroni Badziak, which pushed an injured shot trial over the line. And it should be worse for Union. Even before the break, Maack disbanded a cholevas free kick unhappy in his own meshes (43.). In the second round, Hamm defended his lead effortlessly, even because of Tornesch still hardly went out. A few minutes before the end, Chovelas increased to 4: 0 from the penalty point (83.). The advance went a unnecessary foul to Rump. Hamm United has now 16 points, the FC Union Tornesch remains at 18 counters.

The first victory since October, the Meiendorfer SV had in mind, but gave this three minutes before the end. Previously, Mohora has brought the FC Süderelbe early in the lead (12th). AK (penalty, 62.) and Jacob (82nd) ​​could rip the rudder for the tail light but in the second section. However, Reinecke for the guests had another arrow in the quiver (87th). Final 1: 2. The MSV remains without success in the 15 game in a row. The FC Süderelbe now has 21 meters and a decent upholstery after on the credit side.

The SV Rugenbergen held his winning streak even at the VfL Lohbrugge and thus enlarges its chances of the class blast. Utcke first brought the SVR in the lead (34.), but also in the second pass from the penalty point (62.). Schöttke was again shortly before the end for the guests for the guest (89.) and worried with the 2-1 the fourth victory in the fourth game of the relegation round.

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