Well finally, Nintendo! Switch

The Update 14.0.0 has donated a great new feature of the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the fresh console software, players can now finally bring order to their play library and sort their games in groups.

Switch update finally brings order in your life

Nintendo has made the switch a little bit better thanks to a new update. The new firmware with the version number 14.0.0 donates the popular handheld console a new feature that has long been overdue.

After the software update, all Switch owners can finally sort their game collection using folders . To use the new feature, players must have at least 12 games or apps installed on their switch. From this threshold, players can proceed as follows:

  • Scrolls in the main screen of your switch to the right to the point “All Software” and selects it.
  • In the following overview, you now press the L button , ie the left front shoulder button to initiate the folder creation.
  • Now select the games you want to add to the folder and then confirm your selection with the “+” button .
  • Now you can specify in which order the games should be displayed in the folder.
  • Defines a name for the folder and closes the creation.

Nintendo Finally Did it
Up to 100 folders can be created – each folder can contain up to 200 games. In addition, it is possible to deposit a game in several folders. Whether you sort your games according to genre, name or any other category, completely left to you. The switch update 14.0.0 is now available for all devices of the Switch family (Source: Nintendo).

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To install the switch update

At regular intervals, your Switch independently checks if there is a new firmware and ask you if it should be installed. If, on the other hand, if you want to have access to the new function, you must initiate the update manually. For this you are as follows:

  • Selects the gear Symbo L on the main screen of your switch to get to the settings.
  • Now scroll down to the menu item “console” .
  • Then select the function “Software Update” .

Your Switch will now search for a new firmware on the Internet, then download it and install it. To successfully complete the update, the console will then restart. So if you still have games open, you should save them before and finish to avoid progress loss.

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The folder update is likely to be among the most important updates for the switch after the Bluetooth update from the past year. Finally, the Switch has been on the market for 5 years, so players had more than enough time to get numerous games for the console. The new group function is just right.

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