New Sims-4 feature punches Chaos: Cat pursues diabolical plan

With the new neighborhood stories of SIMS 4 comes more momentum into the life simulation of EA. Some worlds of players develop a really amusing own life. Including cats that come with apparently diabolical plans to real estate.

SIMS-4-CAT: Did you eradicate the ruralgraabs?

For a long time, the fans of the Sims 4 have requested a feature as in the SIMS 3 , in which the NPCs outside their own house lead to an independent life.

Such developments are now possible with the freshly developed neighborhood stories. But some first developments are more than strange.

As a player now shares Reddit, she found the estate of landgraabs in a very unusual condition. Instead of finding the usual faces of Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab, there is only a cat in Knallgrünem Pulli :

Reddit user speculate: What happened only?

This sight seems to arrive more than good at the Sims community on Reddit – all are extremely amused about the single cat in the Landgraab villa.

Since the neighbor Sims continue to continue their lives and make decisions if they do not know anything as a player, it is hard to say what wild development has led to the cat real estate mogule.

In the reddit thread, users are very wild theories ** and believe that the landgraabs have probably decided at some point on giving a felly four-legged friend to a home – a big mistake!


For this seems to have taken literally and the house really under the nail, or the claws have torn.

Whether the green sweater was a Style decision of the landgraves or the cat itself remains open. Then only one question remains: What happened to the residents of the villa?

With the new function, SIMS can also die a sudden accident death . About the dark machinations of a Diabolian cat? If you look at the world rule plans of some cats – well possible. Which family and real estate she probably snaps next?

Such funny moments are representative of the unforeseen chaos, which prevails in the Sims 4 again and again. And as it seems, you will only experience more such strange situations through the new neighborhood stories.

And even if the theory of the powerful cat would be pretty funny, the creator clarifies: Nancy Landgraab has died and Geoffrey has moved to Sulani to process her tragic death. But the cat still sits on a fortune of 85,000 Simoleons . Miaow.

_The death and morbid moments are just part of the SIMS series, as this picture line proves: _

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