New Robo SRPG “Relayer (Relayer)” Released today! “DAY2 patch” reflecting user feedback on 25th is also distributed

Kadokawa Games has launched a new robot simulation RPG “ RELAYER (Relayer) ” for PS5 / PS4 today on March 24 today. In addition to releasing the official game theme song trailer according to the release, it is also clear that the “Day2 patch” reflecting the feedback of the trial version is reflected on the next 25th.

This work is a robot simulation RPG given by the “Godwars” development team. The special ability of the star’s intention “Star Child” will use the humanoid weapons “Stellagia” created by analyzing the technology of ancient Galaxy civilization, and the Earth from the aggression of the mysterious life “Relayer” A battle to protect is drawn.

Let’s aim for a battle victory to win a variety of systems such as the character’s unique unique skills and the “Buckstub” of the crushing “Back stub”, the Special Move “Bikban”, and “Hate” indicating the aimingness of the enemy.. GAME * SPARK also lists the play reports of this work, so please see accordingly.

In addition, DAY2 patches that reflect the opinions of the trial version of this work are delivered on March 25 of the next day. The main contents of the patch are as follows.

  1. Improvement of operability & visibility of star cube
    Improved operability in “star cube”, which is a character development system, and the entire star cube’s visibility. The former adjusts the branch route for ability acquisition, making it easy to operate with a cross key or L stick. In addition, the latter improves visibility, such as the skill name when displaying the entire diagram of the star cube, the releasable ability to be red color, and the starting point of the star cube is displayed. The playability in the star cube is greatly improved and can be operated without stress.

  2. Improvement of automatic play “ultra high speed mode” in event part
    Implementation of “ultra-high-speed mode” at the time of auto play operation in event part is further accelerated, and further speeding up of switching to the next screen. It is a recommended mode to players who want to enjoy the story faster.

  3. Adjust the difficulty level of “HARD” “VERY HARD”

  4. Fixed defects for star skyles
    About the Star Cube of some characters including Amanogawa, we have fixed a defect that the content of acquired ability could not be reflected. There are four.

At the same time as the release, the official game theme song trailer has also been released. The theme song handles Kocho’s clear singing voice is a video that can felt the magnificent stage of this work and a complex intertwined human pattern.



Lyrics: Fukuichiro

Composition: Fukuichiro

“Relayer (Relayer)” Package Version (Limited Edition and Normal Edition) / Digital Version is on sale for PS5 / PS4, and prices are usually 7,980 yen (tax included), limited edition Relayer Deluxe Edition 9,980 yen ( It is tax included). In addition, the Digital Limited Edition (Digital Premium Edition) and the Season Pass will be delivered from 21:00 on March 26 (Saturday) 21:00.

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