Chaotic Cyberpunk World Stage ARPG “Acent” PS5 / PS4 version will be delivered!

DMM Games has launched the delivery of the outlooked action shooter RPG game “ THE ASCENT ” PS4 / PS5 download version on March 24.

This work is an action shooting RPG, which is unfolded by the world of cyberpunk drawn precisely. In the vortex of the chaos and riots who develop all human beings that are super huge companies, which are super huge companies, which is a super huge company, players bet on their survival and throw the truth of collapse.

A cover shooter style is required to be able to use the shield skillfully, and the player always prompts you to fight with its own situation and the situation. It also supports up to four local / online cooperative plays.

Two DLC delivery of “Cyber ​​Seck Pack” and “Cyber ​​Warrior Pack” have also been started in conjunction with the Download Version Delivery Start.

“Cyber ​​Seck Pack” DLC has a new weapon and armor that appears in the game, with a new weapon and armor, etc. In addition to seven types of armor, two types of weapons and one type of tactics are included. In addition, some equipment contained in these DLCs contain one that can be purchased with each vendor in the game after clearing a specific mission.

“The Ascent” is currently distributed for the Sales of PS4 / PS5 package versions for the reservation buyer’s benefits for the PS4 / PS5 package version on May 19 are currently being distributed for Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Windows). Also, Curve Games publishing is also delivered for PC (STeam). It is also supported by Xbox Game Pass.

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