Ghostwire Tokyo: Can you change the field of vision (FOV) on the PC? Replied

Ghostwire Tokyo puts players in a version of Tokyo invaded by Yokai and devoid of their human population. As such, it depends on Akito and KK to reach the bottom of the mystery, deepening the supernatural on the road. The city of Tokyo looks absolutely dazzling, and with the launch of the game for PC, some players may wonder if you can change the field of vision (FOV) in Ghostwire Tokyo so you can see more on the screen at any time.

What is FOV and what does it change?

FOV, or FIELD OF VIEW, essentially determines how much you can see on your screen at any given time. The higher the field of vision, the greater the viewing angle of the world around you.

It is often a configuration adjusted by many players in shooting games, as it allows them to see enemies who approach their sides that could otherwise not be seen in the default configuration.

Change the field of view in Ghostwire Tokyo

Unfortunately, no, you can not change the FOV in Ghostwire Tokyo. Instead, the default value is what you will be trapped during the duration, since there is no viewing field slider on the game screen and graphic configuration to set it.

While this can be a disappointing news for some players, there are a lot of other graphic options and visualization in Ghostwire Tokyo that players can adjust, which are displayed on top and bottom screenshots.

It is also worth noting that although it would be good to see more of the city of Tokyo on the screen at a given time, it is not Tode that is significant since it is not a multiplayer game and combat is not too hard in that sense. If you are really struggling, you can always try to change the difficulty.

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