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The main history of Ghostwire Tokyo is perhaps a little shorter than we originally expected, but there are many co-missions that make up the complete mission list of Ghostwire Tokyo.

Each chapter in Ghostwire Tokyo has a few major missions that you need to complete, but the list of co-missions is far more comprehensive and can be completed whenever you want. They range from purging corruption areas to the study of the morbid realities of life in Tokyo. All this helps to increase the length of Ghostwire Tokyo and offer you more opportunities in the city.

Below is the complete mission list of Ghostwire Tokyo divided into main missions and co-missions. In this way, you can understand the entire width of the game before exploring the city and save the many souls scattered in Tokyo streets.

Ghostwire Tokyo mission list

There are 16 missions that make up the main campaign mission list for Ghostwire Tokyo . They are as follows, divided into the six chapters of the game:

  • disappearance (Chapter 1)
  • City of the shadows (Chapter 1)
  • KK (Chapter 2)
  • Clean the fog (Chapter 2)
  • a labyrinth of death (Chapter 2)

  • The buried life (Chapter 2)
  • The caves made of steel (Chapter 2)
  • Light column (Chapter 3)
  • Blindness (Chapter 3)
  • Agony (Chapter 3)
  • Giant (Chapter 4)
  • The Black Tower (Chapter 4)
  • Family (Chapter 5)
  • Tokyo Tower (Chapter 5)
  • Mari (Chapter 6)
  • Farewell (Chapter 6)

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When it comes to the Side Missions in Ghostwire Tokyo there are 42 that make up the mission list .

  • a deadly shadow
  • The last tires of a doll
  • a full house
  • a lost dog
  • A passage beyond
  • a stop in the emptiness
  • After the end
  • after the end II
  • after the end III
  • And then were not there anymore
  • Art muts life
  • Bloodthirsty flowers
  • Bloodthirsty flowers – Ginpei
  • Bloodthirsty flowers – MITAKE
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Terrible lines
  • Hauntliching visions
  • Hide and seek
  • Hiding Game II
  • Hide III
  • Kamaitachi
  • Kappa
  • Karakasa-Kozo
  • Kodama
  • Little girl lost
  • Nesting the evil
  • Nightmare Welling
  • Old wounds
  • She
  • Rokurokubi
  • with a curse body
  • TANUKI Hunting
  • The Boss Tanuki
  • The Purpurond
  • The dreaming gem
  • The hamster house
  • The invisible hikers
  • The masks
  • The voice in the wall
  • Zashiki-Warashi

These are all missions in Ghostwire Tokyo. Now that you have the full mission list you can start and start with our collection of guides in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo, to clean the card of the visitors.

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