Promo GamesPlanet: Ghostwire: Tokyo at -10%, in pre-order and meadow

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In its action-adventure game Ghostwire: Tokyo , the studio Tango Gameworks Imagines a Tokyo emptied from its inhabitants, while formidable supernatural forces invoked by a master of the occult invade the Nippone city. Between modern urban areas and traditional temples, the player will have to explore a tokyo haunted with Yokai demons to break through the mystery of the disappearance of the population…

The exit of Ghostwire: Tokyo is scheduled for March 25 but the title is the subject of anticipated access from today.
The game is nevertheless always available in pre-order , which allows to unlock the Hannya hold (illustrated above). On GamesPlanet, Ghostwire: Tokyo is available Standard edition and Deluxe edition, promotional to -10% **. The Deluxe edition includes: The Ghostwire Basic Game: Tokyo, but also the Streetwear outfits pack and Shinobi and Kunai holding. On GamesPlanet, the keys are already distributed and the game is already available in pre-download.

GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo Deluxe Edition

79,99 € -10% 71,99 € Order

Other versions:

Ghostwire: Tokyo -10% € 53.99

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