Ghostwire Tokyo: Which level of difficulty should you choose?

In Ghostwire: Tokyo , there are a few difficulty options to choose from. It all depends on how you want to play this game and what you are looking for when you play this rapid toben with Japanese horror topic in Tokyo. These difficulty options allow you to customize your experience (graphic hyperlink). So, without further adieu, here is your guide to which difficulty you should choose in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

What difficulty should you choose in Ghostwire Tokyo?

There are four difficulty options at the beginning of Ghostwire: Tokyo to choose from. The first three options allow you to change the difficulty setting at any time in the game while the last option does not do it. Here are the four difficulty options:

  • Easy : For players who just want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and history of the game.
  • Normal : For players who want a bit more tension and exploration on their journey.
  • Heavy : For players who are convinced of their skills.
  • Tatari : For players who love to make decisions in second fractions that decide on life and death. (All EP rewards are set to zero and you can not change the level of difficulty without starting a new game.)

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The Easy mode is self-explanatory, but a great option for players who are new in games are not so sharp on fast games, or I just want to enjoy the city by Ghostwire: Tokyo and enjoy the ride. The normal mode is still on the simple side, but it does offer a challenge . If you are not looking for a murderously difficult experience, but with games like this are familiar, choose Normal.

The difficulty “heavy” is still turning a level higher. If you want it Hardener enemies If you become aware of your presence faster, Hard is the right choice for you. It is challenging, but rewarding. For players looking for the most difficult level of difficulty (I look at Elden Ring Player), your Tatari should choose. In the difficulty option Tatari you have to do this ** put any ability that Ghostwire: Tokyo gives you to survive expertly. It is important to note that when selecting Tatari, you do not receive any XP from quests and can not change the level of difficulty in the game.

There are some other features in the settings menu that can change how difficult Ghostwire: Tokyo should be. For example, you can disable time limits of events in the game where you have to complete something under a certain time. If you found this guide helpful, you definitely read our other Ghostwire: Tokyo Guides.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on March 25,2022 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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