The E-Sport Icon of League of Legends, Uzi, celebrates a competitive return in the LPL

The Chinese League of Legends-Star Jian, Uzi ‘Zi-Hao has returned more than two years after his last competitive LOL game.

The decorated Botlaner had retired in the mid-season 2020 from the League of Legends-Esport after he had no match this year for health reasons. His last match before his resignation was against FNATIC at the Worlds 2019, where his then Team Royal Nevergivesup from the competition. In December of last year, however, Uzi came out of retirement and was contracted by the LPL team Bilibili Gaming under a comprehensive revision of the plans.

When God Uzi Plays Vayne For Fun - Hero VS League Highlights - 2021 LPL Showmatch
While Bilibili Uzi has left at the bank this season and instead decided to chuan, Doggo’s young Botlaner Chiu, Doggo’s Tzu-Chuan, Doggo was replaced today for his game against Invictus Gaming by the replacement UZI. It is the first compulsory game of the Routinian for 852 days.

Despite some heroic students in the first game many believing that Uzi had lost nothing of his former skills, the form could not be maintained for the entire series, because Ig went away as 2: 1 winners.

You love to see it ????

  • LOL Sports (@lolesports) 17. February 2022

Although there was no successful return to the competitive LOL for Uzi, it certainly provided for excitement to see one of the world’s most popular players on the main stage – according to LPL specialist, Ran ‘, Uzi was today the hottest term on the Chinese social Media Site Weibo.

It is currently not clear whether Uzi will remain for the foreseeable future in the installation or if Doggo will return to his role as a starting Botlan. The next match of Bilibili takes place in two days against Everyone’s Legend, the time will show it.

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