“Rainbow Six Extraction” new op “Zofia” or crisis event for automatic turret is pre-play repo

The “ Rainbow Six Extraction ” to work by Euby Isofa is a tactical FPS approaching the mystery of an unknown life “archien” with up to three people. It is a work that has never been evaluated with an unprecedented zombie shutter, such as a drone, such as a drone, and reinforcement and barricade. In such a work, the “Crisis” event implemented today is a mode “Spillover”, a new operator, and a REACT tech are added to enjoy different style playing. Since the magazine was blessed with the opportunity of the preceding play, we will deliver that pattern.

# Defense Tactics, Spillover Mode

In the mode “SPILover”, which is the highlight of this event, you can taste a different sense of taste with different game designs. For this reason, it was the main cracking mission that this work was attacked, but SPILover, which is implemented this time, defense is main. You will be asked to retire an archien coming up in Wave form for a while.

The stage of the game is a random single corner of the main 4 map. The descent point is to obtain a “solubilizer canister”, and it is also possible to clean up a canister to “Sproll colony” dotted in the map to clean up the installation colony. The canister during purification is destroyed when it receives a certain amount of damage, in which case the installation of a new canister is required. The basic way of playing this mode is to retreat the archien coming to colony for 90 seconds for purification. Colonies are nine maps and can be purified at the same time up to three. Of course, in that case, you will face 3 times the archien.

It is all clear if it can be purified for up to 25 minutes, but it is all clear, but if you think that it is severe, it is possible to withdraw and withdraw at any time if you think it is severe.

Also, just put on the floor without the canister, Archien attacks it as a threat. It can also be used in a library. Let’s secure colony safety by putting the canister on the colony. Of course, if you install reinforcement and barricade, colony defense will be further strengthened.

However, even if you reinforce and barricadate to dark clouds, it will not always work useful, but it will be the characteristic of this work. Conversely, by increasing the emissions, it is possible to cover the ingenuity, such as making it possible to cover many places from one point.

There are several types of colonies, and the archien attacked at the time of purification changes. There are also nasty things in blind spooms and cloak. Let’s pay attention to the gadget to bring. Since supplies such as ammunition and React tech can be replenished at the descent point, resource management is also important because it is limited to the number.

In the document released for the media, the operator specialized for defense, such as Takka and Jäger, but if it is a hand, it is one hand to push up the front with an aggressive operator. In any case, team communication and collaboration are asked.

# New React Tech “Automatic Turret”

It is not an exaggeration to say that the tension is up to the previous event this time. It is an item that can be released by clearing the SPILLOVER specific survey. At the time of the previous play, it is to kill 500 enemies in Spillover mode, but it seems that the total of the squad seems to be added, and it will be released several times.

Here is a turret that lets you shoot the enemy by writing. It is definitely going to go smoothly from the eyes like an attach case, and there is no doubt that the gadgets are like. It does not mean that it does not break the enemy with fire, but a turret of the type that makes the enemy firmly firmly. It will be given by the coronies.

# New Operator “Zofia”

“ZOFIA”, which appears in “Rainbow Six Seas”, is an operator with two grenewe launchers as unique ability. The first is a strong item for pinch, such as aiming for taked down with stagnant renades and enemies. The fady is useful in the scene where you want to defeat the impact grenade and the enemies themselves. Spillover will be effective to release multiple archiens attacking colonies.

Sometimes I like “ELA” and a sister, and the weapon handled is LMG, an assault rifle, SMG, full auto shotgun and various. It also has “Die Hard”. This is the ability to be seen in “seas” that can be raised by itself even if it falls down, but it is a specification that has been removed from the point of view of the competition fair.

“Rainbow Six Extraction” is on sale at PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox SeriesX | S. It also supports Xbox Game Pass / PC Game Pass. Crisis events are started from today.

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