Here is the new trailer of The Wolf Among US 2!

As we were promised yesterday, the first trailer of _ The Wolf Among US 2 _ finally premiered a few moments ago, and allows us to know how the life of Bigby Wolf has been from The events of the first title. Additionally, we were given a launch window and it seems that it still is still enough to put your hands over this sequel.

The Wolf Among Us 2 - First Trailer Reveal | PS5, PS4
The game will be a direct sequel to its predecessor, and will be available At some point of 2023 for the past and current generation of consoles, as well as for PC. However, the main difference over the first game is that it does not It will be an episodic adventure, but the game will be thrown complete without the need to be waiting for new episodes every couple of months.

TELLTALE GAMES It did not reveal more details about this game, and we do not know if in the future the following titles of the company will leave the episodic format. We will have to wait to learn more information about all this, but it will be better if you army patience as _ The Wolf Among US 2 _We may take much more to arrive from the thought.

Editor’s Note: I’m very excited to know that this game managed to be rescued after Telltale Games declared bankruptcy, but I feel that maybe they announced it too soon. I mean, I understand everything that happened with the study, but it is possible that The Wolf Among US 2 can even go until the end of the next year.

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