[Weekly Trehan] “Half-life 3 comes out …” January 30th to February 5th, January 30, 2022 This is this!

Weekly Treasure Hunt ” that I’m buried without missing or when the timing was not agglomerated, and I will introduce the game information and entertainment information to be introduced at once from January 30, 2022 It is February 5th. It is a rough introduction, but fortunate you find a treasure for everyone.

# Horror puzzle adventure “Lake Facade: Director’s Cut” Steam Delivery schedule

Retro Game Flavor Low Resolution Graphics will create a spaful taste.

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# DECONSTRUCTEAM short game “11.45 A VIVID LIFE” Japanese Test Implementation

All works of DECONSTRUCTEAM have a unique and atmosphere.

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# “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” cinematic trailer

It’s like a movie.

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# Small adventure “Elusive People” Teaser video with a small body

Adventure game combining agriculture, stealth, exploration. It will be released in 2023 in PC / console.

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# “Witcher 3 Wild Hunt” Fur Expression Adjustment MOD

Improved drawing distance, density, and wind effects.

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# “The Last of Us” The Japanese translation of the art collection is released

It will be released on February 3rd. Price is 4,950 yen.

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Action Logger Shooter “DIE AFTER SUNSET” Early Access Start date determination

Local time will be started on February 11th.

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The day Half Life 3 is announced - Cinematic

# “Time Breaker” elects to EPIC Megagrants

This support can be expected to improve quality.

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# “Half-life decay: Solo Mission” STEAM page release

A work with a fan remake of the expansion of PS2 version.

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