These are the PS Plus games for January 2022

A few weeks ago the possible alignment of PlayStation Plus games was filtered for January of the following year, and I hope you were satisfied with that selection since in the end it turned out to be true. As every last Wednesday of the month, Sony has revealed to the official titles that will come soon at the service and here you can meet them.

In the case of PS5 we have deep rock galactic and dirt 5, while players PS4 will receive person 5 strikers. I mean, actually all these games can be downloaded In both consoles, so as such we do not have an exclusive title of PS5 in January.

PS PLUS GAMES ANNOUNCED: January 2022 | PS5, PS4 | Full PlayStation Plus Lineup
You can download each of them from January 4, 2022, same day that the December alignment of PLUS will also leave the PS Store, so we suggest you download them before From that date or at least add them to your library.

Editor’s note: I think I speak for many when I say that person 5 Strikers is definitely the title that many of us will be playing in January. It is a bit disappointing that we do not have a native game of PS5, but the truth is that this alignment could have been much worse.

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