Fall Guys invites you to guestravaganza

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Fall Guys has prepared a long treat for costumes collectors, especially those available only during temporarily limited events. As part of Extravaganza, skins will return to the shopkeeper, but there are not just those who are crossovers with other titles. Therefore, this is an ideal opportunity to purchase 2b, because other skins are not needed for you. Especially now, when Yoko Taro announced no plans to continue a series of TIER.

How do you look like a Cuticle Rotation under Guastavaganza?

Cup head — December 28

Foggy 1 – December 28

Fall Guys - Guestravaganza!
Foggy 2 – December 29

2b — December 29

Untitled Goose — December 30

Shovel Knight — December 31

NATO Robot 1 – December 31

NATO Robot 2 – 1 January

Bulletin — January 1

Bomber man — January 2

Messenger 1 – January 2

Messenger 2 – 3 January

Ken — January 3

By the way, Fall Guys has recently gained popularity. On the steam, the game maintains an average of 8,000 players, and even 15,000 people compete on servers. This is still a good result — after all, that this title, after its initial madness, will quickly disconnect the manses.

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