Miyamoto himself appreciates that Breath of the Wild is elected the best game among the Japanese

During yesterday, we shared a list of the 100 most popular games in Japan, where 50,000 players had voted through the TV AS AHI TV channel to which they are the best games for their personal taste. That left us with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the first place, ahead of other usual own names of the Japanese market.

If something caught the attention was not only the victory of the last title starring Link for Switch, but the list was copied by Many of Nintendo works, absolute protagonist of the classification against other important video game development companies. In fact, until recent titles such as animal crossing: New Horizons sneaks at the top of the ranking, so the Shiner Miyamoto, a whole figure in the history of this industry, has wanted to thank the fans personally.

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We will continue to create new experiences Shiner Miyamoto Here Miyamoto. Thank you for voting to so many Nintendo games in the selection of video games that was issued last night. It is an opportunity to remember every moment of development during the last 40 years. We will continue to create video games that have new experiences to all players, read the text of the SUIT published in the official Nintendo account in Japan.

The truth is that it is not strange that Nintendo Switch titles be released on the list, given tremendous popularity of the hybrid console. The latest estimates point to a whole milestone on sales by the Great N machine, something that is not surprised by seeing the data that is recorded even in Spain. At the national level, he has achieved the best month of November since his launch, and that happened more than four years ago.

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