The new Pokemon Poketoon will make you fall in love with a Hard Rock Jigglypuff

Now, Pokémon is to live a good life, and all the eyes are looking forward, towards what will bring 2022. A new console title promises to mark the beginning Pokémon is the next era, and the franchise is gathering a lot of pieces for celebrate. But as the new year approaches, it seems that the last PONTOON The episode has been published with an agenda of its own. After all, the special deviations Pokemon legends: aqueous and instead sings the pussies of a punk-rock jiggly puff.

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The update was launched today when The Pokémon Company climbed a new PONTOON to its YouTube channel. The Japanese clip, which can be seen above, follows a young woman calling memo when she comes across a pretty annoying jiggly puff. The coach ends up becoming a friend of the pocket monster, but when Memo meets her friend of her apricot of her, things get crazy. It turns out that her friend has an own jiggly puff, and things come out of control when the new Memo partner reacts this new Jiggly puff in her space.

As you can see, Jiggly puff of Memo is quite self-conscious and feel like that for hers voice. The cute monster has a voice different from that of other Jiggly puff, so he is too shy to sing to others. But after a little of my breath, this pontoon The episode shows that even the Hard Rock Jiggly puffs can sing a beautiful cradle song if they are given the opportunity!

Clearly, Pokémon created a beautiful story for this new special, and fans love the idea that some Jiggly puff have different voices. Some may have the classic monster melody, but there is nothing wrong with the most rough voices of Jiggly puff. Then, if there is a monster with pipes like Mariah Carey, well, you should not be so surprised TBH.

What do you think of this new PONTOON episode? Does this Hard rock Jiggly puff fit with your musical taste or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @meganpeterscb.

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