Remedy works with Tencent on a new F2P shooter called Vanguard

Tencent Games is a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings that publishes and develops video games for numerous systems in computer, mobile and also on video consoles utilizing the Tencent Games nickname. It is understood for being just one of the most essential firms within the video game industry, getting among the top places of the setting in the video game industry for the revenue that presently accumulates. It was established in 2003 concentrating on the development of on-line video games.

Remedy Entertainment officially announced that they have just signed a global licensing, development and distribution agreement with Tencent Games. These two mastodons of the game work on a new cooperative and free multiplayer EVE shooting game that they nicknamed Vanguard.

This is not the first time the players’ community intends to talk about the project. However, it would be his biggest announcement to date. Tencent will now officially co-finance the development of the game. In addition, they have the responsibility to develop and publish the mobile version of the title.

Vanguard marks the first entry of Remedy in the commercial model of the games as a service executed by our leading team of experts in Free-To-Play,, said the CEO of Remedy, TERM Virtual. We build something new and exciting for a cooperative multiplayer space in addition to the strengths of Remedy.

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Tencent will publish and locate Vanguard in some game markets in Asia. They will cover all location fees. Both companies will share some revenues once the development costs have been recovered. Meanwhile, Remedy will be responsible for the game for the rest of the world.

We are delighted with this long-term partnership with Tencent and can say with confidence that it is a great way to support Vanguard’s ambitious plans, Virtual continued. Vanguard is a global opportunity, and Tencent can support Remedy internationally and lead operations in Asia and mobile markets.

The developers will develop Vanguard with the Unreal Engine. For the moment, the upcoming title is in the concept’s evidence phase. Also, its development budget until the first year of live operation will be the order of a game budget Remedy AAA typical.

This announcement of the collaboration between Remedy and Tencent on Vanguard intervenes after the announcement in May 2021 of the acquisition by the latter of a 3.8% interest in the first. This acquisition amounts to about 500,000 shares. At the time, there was no match announcement. Now, however, things have certainly changed.

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