Pre-Order Your Character Now: Join the MMORPG PVP Wars of Prasia Character Booking Campaign!

On February 16, the Nixon group gave the pre-registration campaign of its following MMORPG Wars of Praia (on the official site, which is slowly growing).
The launch prep work is proceeding as well as the South Korean giant currently laid the fundamentals of its character pre-reservation project: from March 2, the South Korean players will be able to pre-record the name of their future character.
And Dice there, the developer takes the opportunity to initiate a series of video clip presentations of the main parts of his MMORPG (on YouTube and in Oriental).

A MMO to see and play

For the record, Battles of Praia need to take the kind of large-scale MMORPG, expressed around mass daffronments including friends of players on large battlefields-with physical monitoring of crashes.
We likewise keep in mind that Nixon intends to see to it that all players’ profiles can enjoy the Wars of Praia gameplay: one of the most invested players battle on battlegrounds, but others can join battle, for instance through
Variant or by joining the social life of the cities of gamers (the cities evolve gradually depending upon the task of the gamers).
An in-gamed alerts system allows you to miss any one of the events that happen in the game of play.
The workshop now defines that Wars of Praia is also thought about to be enjoyed: as an example, Learn dithers when powerful blows are completely dry, highlighted by a sound cover as well as special computer animations when a vital enemy comes under battle.
The developer sees it as the means of the fighting of the fighting, both for gamers and for those that comply with the clashes as a viewer.

A narrative approach

The studio is additionally banking on narrative.
The game sap pus on a worldwide story and also the gamers are meant to be the stars.
The globe of Praia hence has numerous intrigues in battle, against the background of political competitions.


Gamers will slowly uncover these factions, but will additionally have to count with the Praia elves.

Those of Praia are wicked as well as try their domination to people because if the elves are often provided as rather benevolent beings in dream.
Gamers will certainly have the ability to attempt to resist the Elves to come to be Despair providers for human nations-relations with fairies for that reason deteriorate to connections in between human factions.
This story is told through kinematics and also the essential characters are doubled vocally (in Oriental).

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