Heres how to find and befriend Virginia, the shy but useful companion.

In the brand-new survival struck Boys of the Woodland (Vapor) you can hire NPC companions that support you in the video game.
Virginia is a mutant who you discover throughout the game, but who runs away in front of you.
Mango explains how you bring them to your storage facility.
That is Virginia?
The mutant with three arms and three legs has actually been recognized because very early gameplay by Boys of the Forest.
She wanders off throughout the island and also mistakenly meets you in the game, with many gamers fulfill her in the training course of goals when you are looking for your group.
Virginia is one of the feasible companions in the game that assist you protect your camp and fight battles against challengers.
The companions are just one of the brand-new features in Sons of the Woodland.
Spoiler: This is Virginia in the story
In Boys of the Forest you need to look for a missing out on billionaire.
As quickly as you begin the game, you can view various files on your laptop to the individuals you are trying to find as well as your goal.
One of these data has to do with Virginia Puff ton, the little girl of the billionaire Edward Puff ton.
She is twenty years old and also pupil.
Apparently the Mutant in Virginia and also the billionaire child coincide person.
This is just how you recruit Virginia: Unlike Kelvin, whom you have as a friend right from the beginning and also the commands follow your commands, you need to make pals with Virginia first.
To do this, you need to treat the mutiny quietly when you see her.
If you approach you, you should not have any kind of tools or other items in your hand.
If every little thing you put on, with the G button and also then gradually run in the direction of them.
It may take a while to approve you for some time.
As quickly as Virginia begins to dance for you or usually seems a bit friendlier, you know that you are doing effectively.
Afterwards, nevertheless, she stays reluctant and also headstrong, and also you initially need to get made use of to eliminating with you.
In the first trailer for Kids of the Forest you can see Virginia seductively:

NPC friend assistance you in fight and accumulating

Unlike Kelvin, Virginia is particularly appropriate as a competitor.

Given that it has numerous limbs, you can put several of the different weapons in the Sons of the Woodland to the friend.
According to the player point of view, varied weapons such as handguns and shotguns are best fit for them.
It can put on both a shotgun and a gun at the same time.
She has to get utilized to the battle versus other mutants.
Virginia quickly gets chilly, which is why she really feels much less comfortable in winter.


See to it that you fire up fire in colder seasons and make sure protection so that she is succeeding.
Friend have their own behavior that can change, relying on exactly how you treat them.
Much, Kelvin as well as Virginia have actually been the just recognized companions, yet it is possible that there are more of them in the video game.
On Mango you will discover even more information as quickly as various other companions have been discovered.
Kids of the Woodland is the largest survival game on Heavy steam 14 hrs after the release-despite problems

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