Unlock the Three Unforgivable Curses with Sebastian Sallows Tragic Story in Hogwarts Legacy

Sebastian Sallow’s tragic story of Sebastian Sallow takes you to multiple trips around the world that can unlock the three unforgivable curses.
However, when players begin these missions, they can press the incorrect dialogue options and accidentally deny requests to learn spells.

So, if you currently face this problem, we will explain whether you can learn Arvada Cedar after the Shadow of the Race mission in Hogwarts Legacy.

What to do when you missed Cedar at Hogwarts Legacy, explained

Fortunately, those who lost the opportunity to learn the spells of the dark arts can obtain them asking Sebastian in Under croft, although you must complete the necessary missions, such as in the shadow of the study, in the shadow of time or in the shadow of the relic.
To find Under croft in Hogwarts Legacy, you can teleport to the Dark Arts Defense Classroom in the Astronomy Wing:
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
The players can take the stairs to the right and then go to the right once again until they see the entrance to Under croft.


You can find and talk to Sebastian, who will show you the curses: Empire, Calcium and Arvada Cedar, even if you have denied them before.
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
There is necessarily any consequence for these actions, so it is mainly based on how you want to play the game with your selected spell set.
That does that for our explanation of what you should do if you miss Arvada Cedar in Hogwarts Legacy.
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