Black Desert Mobile: New Class Zay Update with CEO Hur Jin-young – Unleash the Power of the Sun God with Hasa-shin Awakening!

Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) updated the Black Desert Mobile New Class Day today (14th).

Said overcame trials with his awakening class and awakened with the grace of the sun god AAL.
In December last year, it appeared briefly during the Democratic Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration at the Cal peon Banquet, and released detailed information at the official forum on the 10th.

Day has an attack style that drives an enemy by pouring out an attack that cannot be exited with a huge double-edged murder.
The sand snake, created by the power of sand, overwhelms the battlefield and makes the opponent fear.

The impact of the bottom of the floors, giving the enemy a stun effect and sending the snake forward, and having a knock back effect, ‘enlightenment’, the main flesh on the ground, and the snake on both sides with the power of the main murder and the snake with both hands.


The main techniques include ‘sand swamps’ that attack a wide range, and ‘condemnation’, which flew down with a snake that is powered by the strength of the legs.

In commemoration of the launch of the Day, we offer coupons that help to grow, such as class changes, moonlight flowers, and sunflower flowers.
Coupons can be found in the official forum.
Daily mission events that pay various rewards will be held until 9 am on the 28th.

If you connect until 9:00 am on April 18, you will receive a full set of chaos for both new and existing users.
This is a rare opportunity to get the strongest equipment set in the game, so you can help you grow rapidly and have fun.

Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile celebrates its 5th anniversary on February 28.
Black Desert Mobile has expanded and serves regions such as Taiwan, Japan, and Global since its launch in 2018.

For more information on the Black Desert Mobile New Class Day, you can find out in the official forum.

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