Super Bowl 2020: Listen to Patrick Mahomes Epic Victory on Icing the | Kansas City Chiefs Win for the 2nd Time in 50 Years

Simply a few minutes after completion of the game, the micros click on Icing the : After a memorable incredibly bowl, the team reports to the impressions and analyzes after completion of the game
In the end, an offending phenomenon in between the two best groups of the NFL goes to the chiefs and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
But why?
The podcast team around the hosts Luce and Flo, the editor Grille and Michael, footballing professional Lenny and the brand-new German national coach Shaun Fatah went over the errors that the Eagles cost the success, talks about the controversial flag shortly prior to the video game.
– and checks an MVP that is not a gamer at all.
In addition to the findings of the game and the results that the chiefs of chiefs might have on the future of the NFL, the half-time show by vocalist Rihanna is also gone over.
Not just here the opinions differ.
February 202344: 32 minutes

# 46 Magic Mahomes!

Everything about the Super Bowl in Arizona
What an insane finale!
The Kansas City Chiefs conquer the Philadelphia Eagles 38:35.

It was an excellent bowl of the additional alcohol.
Shaun, Michael, Luce, Markus, Flo and Leonard evaluate the key moments for you a few minutes after completion of the video game and crown the heroes of the night.

# 45: The definitive duels in the Super Bowl


# 44: Evaluation of the season with the Icing-Honors.

Put some respect on our name


# 43: Brady withdrawal!

Super Bowl chiefs and Eagles under the magnifying glass.

# 42: NFL Preview-Alles or nothing!

Who can do it in the Super Bowl?
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