Hearty Rubs: Eintracht Frankfurts Setback at 1. FC Köln in the Race for the Champions League

Eintracht Frankfurt received a delicate setback in the Bundesliga in the race for the locations for the Champions League.
The group of coach Oliver Glaser lost on Sunday after a weak performance at 1. FC Cologne with 0: 3 (0-0), leading scorer Randal Solo Mani stayed unlucky this time.
The Hesse missed out on the jump back in fourth location.
Time Hubert (49.) and Ell yes Shirt (71st, 86th) offered the Effie they should have success, which at the very same time suggested the end of the Frankfurt series.
The Champions League round of 16 had actually not lost 9 video games in a row and now fell back to sixth location.
In contrast, the Cologne citizens stay unbeaten in the new year and relocated to eleventh location.


FC Cologne in the anniversary jubilee filled with passion for action
Quickly before the 75th club birthday on Monday, the Cologne fans covered their curve with a substantial choreography.
Captain Jonas Hector and Co. are non-stop in anniversary jerseys on the square.
Nevertheless, the video game control tore the visitors who raised their dreadful brief pass video game, however at first did not enter into dangerous positions.
After a quarter of an hour, the video evidence was once again in the center.


Eric Martel had actually clarified a corner with the left arm, which was laid out, however actively transferred to the ball, in front of the Solo Mani, ready-to-shoot.
According to the TV pictures, referee Daniel Sievert did not choose a charge.
A little later Solo Mani broke through, however soon prior to the objective, Cologne Benny Schmitz Stark grown the ball from the foot-and-the Perfume trailer commemorated her defense man.
The Rhinelander also appeared precariously ahead of nationwide goalkeeper Kevin Trap in front of 50,000 viewers in the Müngersdorf arena.

of all locations Frankfurt-Flirt Shirt hits two times

In the 2nd round, the house side managed to begin lightning.
Florian Keying flanked dramatically into the five-meter room after a short corner, where defender headed Huber.
Shortly afterwards, Evan Nick had to conserve Steffen Tinges for Frankfurt in the best need.
Contract now had its issues to discover back into the video game.
Cologne defended passionately.
Glaser brought another assaulter with Rafael Bore after an hour.
However instead of shipping in front, the visitors encountered counterattack.
The grumbled Shirt, who apparently likewise attracted the interest of the Frankfurters, utilized one of the first.
After that there was a carnival state of mind at FC fans 4 days prior to Alphabet, Shirt went one step even more.

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