How to Fix the Black Screen Error in Hogwarts Legacy – Solutions for Improved Performance

Regardless of how good your computer is, Hogwarts Legacy has quite strange performance and error problems.
Players report that Hogwarts Legacy tends to fly out when starting.
The game is either completely closed, or you just get a black screen, forcing the players to wonder if there is a black Hogwarts Legacy screen when starting up so that the game starts again.

How to fix a black screen when starting in Hogwarts Legacy

The biggest problem that often bothers players is the system requirements for the game.
You must make sure that your system, at least, meets the minimum requirements for the game before trying to launch the game.

waiting for loading

Hogwarts Legacy is a difficult game.
Loading all the chapters of the game can take some time.
This is due to the problem of optimizing Hogwarts Legacy.
The game should load all the shaders before it can start normally.
The best you can try is to wait a bit before moving on to other possible corrections.
Perhaps the game is just trying to load his shaders.
This can take several minutes depending on the speed of your storage.
WB will probably correct this problem quite quickly, so do not worry that you will have to wait half an hour before each session.
If your problem with the black screen is not solved after waiting, you can try to move on to the following corrections.

1 Reload the computer

Again, Hogwarts Legacy is a difficult game, and you need to make sure that all your resources are free to use in the game.
If you have been using your computer for some time, some background processes can interfere with your game.
Try to restart the computer to see if this will solve the problem.

upgrade your drivers

The most basic problem that mainly causes problems with the launch is outdated drivers.
Regardless of whether you are faced with problems with failures or a lag in performance, the first thing you need to do is update the drivers for both the graphic processor and Windows.
Open the GeForce Experience program or the AMD Adrenaline program (depending on your graphic processor) and go to the settings.
Here, check if you have the latest versions of drivers or not.
If not, set the drivers before starting the game.
Then go to the settings of your PC and check the availability of Windows drivers updates.
Make sure that all recommended and additional drivers are installed and updated properly before trying to play Hogwarts’s Heritage again.

Launch Hogwarts Legacy on behalf of the administrator

The launch of Hogwarts Legacy on behalf of the administrator will allow Hogwarts Legacy to get free access to all resources of your PC.
Click the game icon with your right mouse button and select Starting on behalf of the administrator.
If this solves your problem, you can configure the game so that it always starts on behalf of the administrator, performing the following actions:
Open Local Files and Find the executable file (file.exe for the game)
Click the right mouse button and enter the properties.
Open the compatibility tab.
Install the Expect this program on behalf of the administrator.
Click Apply, and then OK.

Disable all impositions

Overlaps for various applications can be a huge problem when starting games.
The first overly that you want to turn off is Steam Overly.
You can do this by going into the Steam settings and on the General Settings tab, make sure that the Turn on the Steam Overly during the game is not installed.
If you use any other software, such as Discord or even MSI Afterburner, also turn off these offices.

Disable full screen optimization

An attempt to launch a resource-intensive game in full screen mode can often lead to its fall.
You can turn off full-screen optimization to reduce the load on the computer and ensure a smooth launch of the game.
To turn off full-screen optimization, follow the following actions:
Open Local Files and Find the executable file (file.exe for the game)
Click the right mouse button and enter the properties.
Open the compatibility tab.
Install the Disable Full Score Optimization checkbox.
Click Apply, and then OK.

Check if Hogwarts’s legacy is correctly established.

You must make sure that all the files necessary for the Hogwarts heritage are set correctly.
Open your Steam and go to Hogwarts’s legacy in your Steam library.
Here go to the settings and check the game files.
This allows Steam to check and make sure that all files are installed and are in good condition.


If not, Steam will automatically upload and install missing or damaged files.
If this does not work, the last attempt to help is completely reinstall the game from scratch.

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