Defeating the Omut Omut Omut Boss: Leadership Challenges, Riddles and Enemies in the Charles Rukwood Test of Hogwarts Legacy

Various puzzles and enemies that you will encounter during the test of Charles Redwood make it a complex basic quest in Hogwarts’s legacy.
After you destroy all the guards of the whirlpool and defenders of the whirlpool, the keeper of the pool will appear.
The main boss of this mission has a huge health lane and uses powerful magic spells and attack techniques.

How to defeat the boss of the keeper of the whirlpool in the heritage of Hogwarts

The guard’s pool mainly uses the tops, balls and shocks of long-range arrows during his attack.
You can withstand its attacks, dodge the rolling (O/b/CTRL) and with the help of the proton spell (triangle/y/q).
This may seem like a simple thing, but you may not succeed if you do not correctly calculate the time of your evasion.
Now that you know how to protect yourself, this is how you can quickly defeat the keeper of the memory of memory:
Start with the use of your basic magic of attack and damage spells such as Diffing, Covering and Bombard, if you are unlocked.
The implementation of several attacking movements will fill your Combo counter.
This will allow you to give up the spell of ancient magic (L1+R1/LB+Rb/X), the most powerful spell that you can use against the guard.
When you use this spell on the giant, it goes into a sedentary state for a while.
This is your chance to inflict more heavy blows.
But remember, when he returns, he releases a shock wave, from which you need to stay away.
Now there is another maneuver that you can use to save yourself and at the same time damage the guard of the whirlpool.

When the sentry begins to build the balls of power in his hands, hit it with a spell of the same color as the ball.


For example, if the ball is yellow, hit it with a yellow spell, such as Levies or Arrest Momentum.
In the same way, if a giant uses a purple ball, use a purple spell, such as Action or Repulse.
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