NBA All-Star Game: Anthony Edwards, Pascal Siakam, and Deaaron Fox in Salt Lake City!

Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards, Toronto’s Pascal Sikkim and Sacramento’s de’Aaron Fox are now also part of the celebration.
The trio was selected for the all-star video game on Friday and changed Phoenix brand-new Kevin Durant, Golden States Stephen Curry and Zion Williamson from New Orleans.
Three professional Curry is hurt on the left leg, Durant curves out a knee injury, Williams afflicts with a Muscle injury.

Embodied, Marianne and Moran in the Beginning 5

Because all three injuries were planned for the Starting Fives on February 19 in Salt Lake City, Mixers star center Joel Embed, Utah-Forward Lauri Marianne were also promoted to begin in his home video game and Memphis Guard.


Succession Fox is there for the very first time.
With 24.2 points, he usually suggested for the Kings for considering.
TWELVE Edwards (24.7 points) also launching, he leads the league with 96 takes and in their minutes.
Sikkim was currently there in 2019/20, he will come to 25 points, eight rebounds and more than 6 helps for Toronto in the current season.

Lakers superstar LeBron James, the finest basket hunter in the history of the league, and Giannis Antetocounmpo, two times MVP in the service of the Milwaukee Bucks, will choose their colleagues as a team captain on the match day.

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