FC Schalke 04 – VfL Wolfsburg 0: 0: The zero is! Efforted Schalkern does not make a victory

This is bitter, we need the objectives, stated Schalke icon Gerald Samoa at DAZN: We had two averred objectives. We deserved the goal. Thomas Was (coach Schalke 04): The group lives, she attempts everything, she combats. Nike Kovacs (coach VFL Wolfsburg): The first half was the worst that we played this season. Schalke: Fährmann-Brunner (63

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Schalke 04-VfL Wolfsburg: The voices for the video game

Thomas Was (coach Schalke 04): The team lives, she tries whatever, she fights. We didn’t reward ourselves for the 3rd time
Considering that the opportunity to go against one versus 1. Why don’t you let it run there? It’s a joke.
Nike Kovacs (coach VFL Wolfsburg): The first half was the worst that we played this season. We were drowsy, sloping, persistent, we had actually the cutting purchased
In general, the better possibilities, however it would not have been worthy of.

Schalke 04-VfL Wolfsburg: The data about the video game

Schalke: Fährmann-Brunner (63. Butler)- Frey (87th Eroded)
Wolfsburg: Casteels-Baku, Barnaul (53. Delacroix), van de Even, Paulo Otavio-Arnold (87. Guilavogui)- Steinberg, Gerhard (53. Mecca)- Swimmer (53. Parades), Wind, Kaminski.-trainer:
Referee: Benjamin Brand (Unterspiesheim)
Viewers: 60,836
Yellow cards: Salazar (3)- Swimmer (3), Gerhard (2), Steinberg (3), Guilavogui (2)
Special occurrence: – Arnold shoots penalty (according to video proof) against the post (9th)


The zero and Schalke 04 continues to run in the relegation fight of the Bundesliga: the bottom of the table continued his objective flat with a 0-0 against VFL Wolfsburg
This suggests that the royal blue have not only been without a hit for 304 minutes, they only scored three objectives in 9 games under coach Thomas Was
With twelve points after 20 video games and the third zero number in follow-up hazard to grow the gap to the competition at the weekend
We simply lack the important things at the front. This is bitter, we require the objectives, stated Schalke icon Gerald Samoa at DAZN: We had two averred objectives. However eventually you will be rewarded.


Goalkeeper Ralf Farming commented similarly annoyed: It is reasonable that the disappointment is huge. We deserved the goal. We require three points that harms again.

When Alex Oral (50th) and later on Michael Frey (77th) sank the ball on the internet, the 60,000 fans in the arena cheered two times
The Cologne video location took the supposed 1-0 back in both cases because of offside
On the other hand, Maximilian Arnold missed a penalty (9th) for the frustrating Wolfs burgers, who might in no way underline their European Cup ambitions
I can only apologize to the group, stated Arnold after the final whistle and went hard with VFL’s efficiency: Schalke purchased our cutting, we didn’t find our video game at all. We have carefree, we have to safeguard it, we need to
Repair a various face.

Schalke-Wolfsburg: Early fairy according to video evidence

After the 0-0 at Borussia Mönchengladbach, Was had actually set up the midfield more aggressively
For the duel-strong winter season gain access to Ever Balance, the recuperated playmaker Rodrigo Salazar returned to the starting eleven back given that October 2, when he had actually suffered a break
Tom Kraus and Oral took on protective jobs
It was also exchanged in the storm: The Swiss Michael Frey moved into the group for the weakening second department record objective scorer Simon Eroded
Wolfsburg’s coach Nike Kovacs switched to a chain of four compared to Bayern Munich and brought Yannick Gerhard and Jakub Kaminski into the preliminary development
The video game started with an enjoyment
When the ball had long been back in the middle of the field, referee Benjamin Brand name whistled because video assistant Robert Schröder had registered from the Cologne cellar
Schalke defender Moritz Benz had fouled Patrick Swimmer, Brand overtook the penalty whistle after a brief video study
Arnold only struck the left post

Schalke-Wolfsburg: Oral and Frey whistled back, Ca steels saved

Schalke attempted to prevent Wolfsburg’s video game structure through early pressing, likewise combated the ball numerous times in midfield, however understood little about it near the opposing goal-owl-usser when Salazar was included
The Uruguayer provided the game of the royal blue dynamics and train to the objective
After a Salazar corner, Oral had the first Schalke goal opportunity (30th)
Quickly after the break, the enjoyment was big again: Oral satisfied the supposed 1-0, however Schröder got the goal for offside position
Benz failed a quarter of an hour in the future the excellently responding VFL keeper Keen Ca steels
Shortly prior to completion, Frey’s objective was quickly withdrawn

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